Letters to the Editor

RE: The Threefold Commonwealth

I read your article and appreciate how you have summarized the main ideas about the Threefold Social Order.  And as a person struggling on the path of action I wish that it included observations of what is happening NOW:
Global corporate oligarchy surveillance and control of media, communication, education, NGOs, pharmaceutical medicine;
Profiling and terror against people of color, women and children, drones, chemical warfare and nuclear arsenals, spread of fascist groups;
Environmental devastation through fracking, oil and nuclear spills, agro-chem industry and air pollution;
Derivative and debt based, delusionary economics and outsourcing to poverty level wages.

Carol Wolfley


 Fantastic article Frank Thomas Smith. Thank you for condensing threefolding into an accessible bite. I am plowing my way through the recently released 1921 lectures "Communicating Anthroposophy - communicating threefolding" and realise (again) the importance of bringing this topic into the 21st Century. I think Otto Scharmer is making a huge contribution with his U Lab and much more can be done individually as we think about our own humanity.
Kristina Kaine



Fantastic - because it is real life practical examples. Please write more articles like this - threefold modern applications.

Ed Shook


One of the finest, most practical articles on the threefolding of the social organism I've ever seen. Congratulations
Bruce McCausland

RE: Resisting the Lore of Interventian - The Search for Terrestrial Intelligence

I have not read the whole article yet, but the following is incomplete: "The “prime directive,” designed to govern the conduct of Kirk and his crew on their episodic journey, required non-interference in the workings of alien civilizations."

The prime directive demands non-interference only in those civilizations that have not yet developed warp technology. Sorry, the Trek nerd in me couldn't let that pass without being remarked upon.

Mark Darling



It ends with:"whether we know it or not, we are all on a one-way trip into the unknown, except that our rocket ship is our planet, which we’re about to destroy in a suicide mission before it can ever arrive at a safe and secure place."

My girl friend, Linda, recently read me some bits of an article by Bill Nye the science guy (and a couple of others), that pointed to a "climate change" expert that said humans would all be gone from life by 2030.

Take your pick, ... lots of end times scenario variations out there.

I recently watched a film - Tomorrowland - that nailed the situation (philosophically) in spite of having neither commercial or critical success.

It made a metaphorical drama of the situation where the fear of the furture driven thinkers got control, and played the situation in such a way that everything was hopeless and there was no point in trying to fix anything.  

Opposing that perspective, where the hopeful dreamers.   Who were actually able to turn the thing around, having to fight their way through the fear driven thinkers in order to help the situation instead of throwing up their hands and giving up.

Be nice if you gave some room in the Review to those who resist the fears created by the cold and cruel abstract intellect (Mr. A. inside our own souls), and follow instead the influence of the warm thoughts of the heart (Mr. C. inside our own souls.)

There is a lot of Terrestrial Intelligence out there ... a lot.  The Bioneers, for example.  Get someone to write about them.

Joel Wendt

RE: Last Voyage to Jupiter


First of all, I would like to congratulate Jeanpaul Ferro on such a captivating short story. A thoroughly enjoyable read I like how it captured the confusion, dread and ecstasy of the main character, how this thoughts all merged together, into a stream of experience that guided him from who and where he was before into his new existence, into the general dissipation of the self until all that remains is the feeling of bliss, of togetherness in the infinite cosmos.

One aspect that I found particularly interesting/accurate is the description of the driver which I took to be his spirit guide.

I feel how this short story could one day become a short film: a slow psychedelic instrumental guitar track coming into focus and fading again, memories fading and re-emerging, lives intersecting and diverging, all culminating with the merging of Alvar with Jupiter and the continuity of experience on a different level of being. Thank you for an inspirational moment.
Radu Hurmuz

RE: Poems from the Glass-Bead Game (SCR67)

Dear Frank,

You posted that the translators are unknown. The translators of the book published in 1970 from which the English poetry texts are taken were Richard and Clara Winston. I suppose they also translated the poetry… and did a most marvelous job doing so! Check it out!

 Klaus Kaufmann, D.Sc.

Tranlators' names now included. Thanks. [Ed.]

RE: Meditations on the Tarot

I totally agree with [Valentin] Tomberg. In the sense that I believe he is referring to the various technologies of spiritual research and practice methodologies in the context and spirit of the text (Meditations of the Tarot) the above quote comes from. In focusing on looking for Ahriman and Lucifer in all things we actually engage in the destructive methodology in the name of research, as we cannot see and analyze them without actively participating in their own particular method that perpetuates their realm. This is the real danger for anyone without moral fortitude, and even then, it is an extremely dangerous journey in that this is our starting point…our journey is from dark to light, not light to dark unless we are given a special mission to undergo such a service. I understand that Tomberg means to say that we should focus our attention on the good through a creative (elan) method which will bring us from the darkness onto the journey towards the light. The activity and practice of the method will let us recognize when we err toward darkness (the task of our life biography or destiny) without actively looking for and intentionally engaging with the destructive forces.

Of course we will err, and whatever we learn in that process we can make useful as a lesson and adjust ourselves accordingly, but the how or method we acquire this knowledge is what is so important and nearly always overlooked.  Our intentionality, or in other words, the order of things is very important as there are no second chances so to speak. Each of our errors becomes a burden to each and every one of us and also for the whole cosmos. Our task is to find the good, to find light from darkness, and our intension and task must become one and the same. This is what is meant when we say the end can never justify the means; on the true path,  both will be one and the same.  So the intension to find the light through a regression into darkness or in other words, looking for Ahriman and Lucifer in the world is a completely false method and the destructive forces it creates will compound and may with repetitious use overwhelm a person. These differences are extremely subtle and reside in the realms of morality.

Svetlana Tancev
Sydney,  Australia

Thank you for your prompt reply.  Your journal is amazing and delightful, and I thank you so much for your hard work.

Beatrice Janczak