by Frank Thomas Smith

How easy to claim that we crawled one day,

Cloudy and warm, up from the slime

For no reason except we could.

Why not be happy and dumb and stay

Home and leave evolution for another time?

But then you'd never be a crocodile,

Not to mention an anthropoid:

A simian, that is, a monkey or ape.

It seems to me a crooked pile,

Tottering ineptly into the void.

Instead I waited and watched from the eves

For that simian friend to evolve

From a monkey to a comely Adam

From a monkey to a luscious Eve

The time had come for my resolve

To buckle up and be pushed out

To pull the ripcord and float the way

To earth and ocean and tree and pampa.

To hunger and pain and years of drought,

To love and beauty and music's play.

Occult Science

In the beginning was Saturn,

Invisible heat,

Bodies of will:

It died.

Then came Sun,

Hot and bright,

Bodies alive:

It died.

Third was Moon,

Liquid light and warm,

Awash with wisdom,

Bodies dynamic:

To Earth we descended in fire,

Scorched by the Spirits of Form –

Rebelled, were expelled,

and wander in exile still:

It will die as love

and live again

As Jupiter,

Moon reborn:

and die.

Venus will reign victorious

a Sun more glorious:

and die.

With Vulcan,

the seventh kingdom,

the circle closes in spirit.

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