Signs and Portents

the handwriting on the wall of contemporary reality

By Joel A. Wendt

When those holding power and wealth do not take care of their primary resource, ordinary people, there are natural consequences that cannot be avoided.

Venezuela is nearing total collapse. Power systems are breaking down, and hyper inflation is making "money" meaningless.

The Chinese government is trying very hard to control the flow of information to its People - something actually impossible. All this at a time when their central bank is working furiously to try to prevent a real estate collapse that will look like small potatoes next what happened here in 2008. Their "underwater" loans are to businesses and belong to commercial buildings, not homes.

A madman, and a morally compromised woman, are the main contenders for the next President of the United States of America.

The secret governments everywhere are increasing all surveillance of the citizens.

Putin is having his military airplanes play "chicken" with American ships and planes.

People, unwilling to cope with local conditions of extreme poverty, constant war, and unstable criminal gangs, are fleeing their the constant anarchy of their homelands. Great portions of humanity are on the move, yet, sadly, finding there is nowhere to run. No room at the Inn.

Disease vectors are running amok (Zika etc), and the medical institutional powers, completely governed by corporate greed, continue to lie about the true causes.

So-called spiritual folk spend a lot of time sharing sentimental platitudes (such as Love is the Answer to all problems), not noticing that the world is way more complicated.

Nature has been warning us, over and over again, for Nature is also conscious and willful, and we materialists are refusing to pay attention. We are still arguing about climate change, while pretending abnormal extreme weather is some imaginary new normal.

The Climate is a world-wide Whole, as is the Economy. Everything is interconnected, and the more rigid and self-serving are the actions of those with wealth and power, the more the Whole is on its way to entirely breaking down.

Our principle mistake is to believe "materialism": that all is matter and that spirit is not real. It is actually what is going on in our interior lives, our souls and spirits, which is where the true meaning and significance of this Age can be found.

The outer material existence may fail dramatically, but the non-material inner life will survive and learn, being fundamentally immortal and a true child of the Gods, however much this or that institution wants to deny it.