Letters to the Editor


RE: Basic Issues of the Social Question - Unresolved

Dear Frank, Not sure if you have heard this call. We only learned about this initiative this evening at our bi-weekly 'Money for a Better World' group meeting. http://www.alternativ3gliedern.com/ We also hope to discuss your Basic Issues... article at a future meeting. Richard Chomko a fellow resident here at Hesperus remembers your talk about three-folding here in Toronto in the early 1970's. Richard is a photographer, graphic designer and manager of a weekly organic/biodynamic market in support of the Toronto Waldorf Market,  www.VillageMarket.ca.  He also keeps a blog on raw milk issues. https://thebovine.wordpress.com/

Thank you for the SCR. It is always a treat to read. I hope you are well and stay that way.

Sybille B. Hahn



RE: Bruno the Brave

Dear Frank,

it’s curious to find you applauding - and finding inspiration in - Giordano Bruno’s “courage” and “love of truth” in the very same paragraph in which you condemn what you allege to be “holocaust denial crap”. Perhaps you could demonstrate your own love of truth by actually taking the trouble to investigate the two major issues on which your stated position is comprehensively undermined by the facts - 9/11 and the holocaust. But perhaps you’re not interested in facts ….

Best regards,

Paul Carline



RE: SouthernCrossReview.org

I appreciate your magazine very much. However, I find it a bit disturbing and giving a wrong message that you keep putting naked breasts on your covers..you probably think this is liberated and natural, which it is, but for a Spiritual Science review do you think it's necessary?

Jackie Crompton

Over the years I have received many such protests from ladies. Therefore, in order to calm the waters a little, this issue's cover features a naked man! Editor


RE: Apologia

Dear Frank,

thank you for #108. Keep up the good work!

Btw, I have read the full First Class material, and now I am reading it again. We will work with the material in a little Hungarian group that does not want to join the traditional 'Klasse' with a 'Lektor' reading it and others sitting silently, listening... We will work in a round-table manner, as equals, freely discussing :)

Take care,

Norbert Hanny


Hi, Frank, 

Congratulations for your 108th edition of SCR, very very interesting as usual. I would like to make two comments:

1. I agree completely with you that the classes of the esoteric school should be published. Besides your arguments, I would add two more: For a person not involved with Anthroposophy, the classes have absolutely no meaning and no interest; I bet no one in these conditions will read even the first one to the end. Secondly, I don't think the classes should be read aloud anymore, and heard by static attendants; they are very deep and should be read individually or in a small group, where they can be calmly re-read, thought about and discussed. We are different from those that heard them directly from Steiner and he is not reading them anymore. For many many years I haven't participated anymore in the reading classes. I participate in a preparation group which occurs once a month on Wednesdays before each class reading on Sundays. Someone makes an abstract of the class and we discuss its contents.

2. There is a recommendation by web experts: texts should be displayed in Verdana style, size at least 10 px. (Gmail, which I use, employs it, methinks.) It seems that reading on a screen is facilitated by using Verdana; printed texts are best read using Times Roman, which you are using for the web texts.

I have some new texts since you published my last one (I don't remember which one was it). How about this one:

Liberty, equality, fraternity: past, present, future. The evolution of these ideals through time, what they mean and their origin.


Valdemar Setzer

Sao Paulo, Brazil

RE: El peligro de una sola historia

Hi, my name is Mónica Lizarraga I like this story very much. I'm a Mexican citizen and I teach leadership in organizations. I would like to share this history to some leaders in an organization, but I want to ask you for your permission. Can I share the written story to them, so they can be conscious about our stories and how they limit us or they help us to grow up?

Monica Maria LIzarraga Rendon