Letters to the Editor


RE: First Class Lessons - Apologia

Excellent statement of a sound position. I think it's a correct and contemporary step to publish. And I tend, for the reason below, to agree with your assessment of where the Esoteric School seems to be. I first had contact with the First Class many years ago at a Steiner teachers' meeting in Bowral, NSW, Australia. A Classholder spoke of how the classes are conducted - a very unusual step at the time. I took the opportunity of asking whether it was necessary to have realised the teaching in order to present the Class, and was surprised to get an answer in the negative. (I had long experience of Tibetan Buddhism, where transmission proceeds from realised practitioner to student - else, what could be transmitted?).

Thank you for this, and for other pages striving to introduce some critical anthroposophy into Anthroposophy.

Michael Layden



I have had a friend purchased Esoteric Lessons 1904-1909 by Rudolf Steiner. The latter is a much organized attempt of the then original compilations by Ms. Hella Wiesberger's From the history and contents of the first section of the esoteric school 1904-1914. For thus I am very happy and glad you are offering gratuitously the volumes below. And I feel deeply appreciating your effort towards propagating anthroposophy as taught by RS.

Thank you very much,


Dickson Ang


Dear Frank Thomas Smith,


Reading your translation of Volume one has been a transformative experience for me. Thank you so much for all your good work.

Paul Zachos




RE: Prague Class Lesson

Dear Frank,

Thank you for the issue! You have a great sense of humour (nude hombre). I am especially grateful for the English translation of the Prague Class lecture. The small group already started to work with the Class material in Hungary - outside the constraints of the existing 'official' Class groups in Hungary with a Class-reader, set forms, etc. If you like the work of Massimo Scaligero, please, mention in your next issue this non-profit initiative of Piero Cammarinesi, who now makes a film on Scaligero's life: https://www.gofundme.com/OLTRE

All the best,

Norbert Hanny


RE: JFK's Lost Suitcase

Mr Smith, thank you for posting that link. What a great story. Took me right back to 'the day'.

Catherine Polumbus


That's a hell of a story. I always wonder what it was like being a politically aware adult then. My first knowledge of Jack Kennedy was sadly on the day of his burial. I was only three but I remember the black maid bouncing me on her knee. She was crying and I couldn't figure out why until years later. I was only three then but it made a big impression on me. I think maybe Bobby was my favorite despite the hearings. It was a different time for sure and full of hope. Things have changed.

Perry Miller


RE: Basic Issues of the Social Question

WOW, put clearly and succinctly, Congratulations

Magdalena Zoeppritz



RE: Desolation Row

What to say? Its very complex, and I don't understand it really.. Perhaps you could publish your thoughts and synopsis... or perhaps post what someone else has to say.


Mark Rossell

RE: The Other Me

Back into the Future...Presently a senior, having lived 1 year in Vienna 35 years ago..Wirklich Schoon is dass! Wielen Dank, Frank Thomas!

Kathryn Carpenter Perelas


RE: Shakespeare

This account of Steiner's lecture is wonderful. I don't have words to go further other than to say thank you!
Hilmar moore