Letters to the Editor


RE: Judith von Halle Interview


Wonderfully objective interview. Every word comes across as authentic. It would be good to hear more from her.


Jennifer Baer


Dear Frank Thomas,

Thank you very much for translating & sharing this Judith von Halle interview! Keep up your good work.



Norbert Hanny from Hungary


Thank you ever so much, Frank !!!

Do you know if her Templars book is going to be available in English?

Skip Shook



Thanks for the interview with Judith Halle. It was a stimulating read. The way I see it, I can recognize when a piece or an essay has some real Anthroposophical light within it, and I vote yes for this piece. No matter where one stands regarding the controversy, there is valuable material in this interview to return to and consider and apply to one's inner practicing. Definitely bookmarked.


Robert Stolzenberger



Thank you very much for publishing this interview. Finally something is giving me the opportunity to know her better and to be able to build my personal sensation about her.

All the best to you,

Tatiana Blagoeva


Hello from St Paul, Minnesota, as we break into beautiful Spring. Your introduction to the work of Judith von Halle breaks into my spiritual search in a similar way and I thank you for the interview and related articles that I found shared on Facebook. 

I was privileged to have a wonderful professor of English named Walther Prauznitz at a small Lutheran college on the border between Minnesota and North Dakota. How this man--who escaped Germany before his family was swallowed by the holocaust--how he found his home in the middle of the prairie is a story that needs telling. But through him the college came to have what I believe is the largest collection of Rudolf Steiner's work in the Midwest. Although he never discussed his interest in Anthroposophy in my time with him, I am indebted to him that when questions arose for me at the age of 18, I was able to discover Cosmic Memory and Philosophy of Freedom which were my entry into Steiner's thought. 

I am 63 now. I remember well how my professor described the path of knowledge as beginning with curiosity. Curiosity dwelled upon turns into interest. And if interest is cultivated long enough it leads to wonder. And occasionally the world of wonder opens to awe. It seems to me that Judith von Halle has traveled this path fully and the world of awe--"the most profound and solemn festival of knowledge"--has left its mark. 

Yesterday, I emailed a childhood friend whom I visit on rare business trips to Basel. I suggested that she might also find Judith compelling. We were raised as missionary children in Madagascar and came to have a very strong love/hate relationship with Christianity and its corresponding orthodoxy. The Judith/Sergei dichotomy is something we have sadly lived. I hope she makes some connection that will give me a fuller view as she is one I have grown to trust.

Thank you again for your work.


Victor Toso


RE: Open Letter

I agree that Mr. Prokofieff�s position with regard to Ms. Von Halle is totally reprehensible. I will not address the issue directly but offer the following, written some years ago in 1998 when the same dust was kicked up in regard to the issue of Valentine Tomberg. Although I do not wish to revisit that matter, my examination and critique of Mr. Prokofieff�s method (as opposed to his specific opinions) may be of some interest: The Case of Valentine Tomberg


All Best Regards,

Stephen Clarke

Santa Fe, NM

RE: Moral Socialism

Moral Socialism, while on its face is a laudable and beneficial economic and social ideology, is nothing more than "liberation theology". And this movement has had success but far too many failures because it's the state and a strong society that can only guarantee a socialist outcome whether it's socialism or social democracy. It's quite fashionable now to attempt a bypass of the state and build a socialist society. While the neo-socialists try mightily to rid itself of the bureaucratic state their simply is no other greater guarantor of socialist reform and revolutionary (with some exceptions) practice than the state. While this centrist view is overwhelming at times, the state has and will be the ultimate arbiter of existential socialism and socialist practice in many years to come.


Perry Miller

RE: The Dance of Shadows in America

Dear Mr. Smith,
I've been reading the Southern Cross Review for some time and always admired it's high ethical position, good subject mix and down-to-earth humor. However, the last couple of issues have been so full of anti-Trump rhetoric I'm completely disillusioned. Is this kind of political opinionating really necessary? It may come as a shock to you, but Trump actually has supporters, of whom I'm one, and we're not all backwoods hicks. Frankly, I'm sick to the back teeth with this assumption on the part of some that everyone is anti-Trump. Unless I'm mistaken, approximately half of those who voted for Trump, so such an assumption is hardly warranted.
Please try to be more fair and balanced. If you find that an unreasonable request, please take my name off your mailing list.  Regards,

Paul Packer



Sort of like a Kurt Vonnegut novel, only for real. From your link: "I am stunned and find it deeply ironic that part of the American electorate, being aware of and suffering most deeply from this threefold shadow of American society and clearly seeing corporate kleptocracy at work, would choose a President who represents the worst aspects of these shadow elements. And Trump�s recent appointment of so many military officers and corporate CEO�s to his cabinet seems to cement the military industrial complex�s take-over of American society.

Ragnar Rommetveit


Dear Frank, thank you so much for the 'Apologia' . That clarity is great.
Kind regards,

James Preston


RE: El Libro

Querido Se�or Editor con todos mis respetos,

Usted ha pedido respuesta y esta t�cnica me introduce un aviso masivo de Fibertel y Cablevisi�n que ya me cans� y us� copia y pega, as� es que pude al fin leer la Ovni Galaxy Dr.Hableben del SCR N�112. Y mi respuesta va de esta manera y no con un s�lo click como debiera. Como sugerencia de lector le agradecer�a que contin�e con la Duolingo ingl�s americano-castellano y aunque le lleve m�s de uno o dos a�os con el Manuscrito y su interpretaci�n. Me ha dado mucho gusto recrearme en la lectura. El humor es salud y espero que el Herr Doktor Hableben se tome su merecido descanso. Ya que usted dijo OK y Mireya O. G�lvez tambi�n (O. de Oscar) espero ya las futuras interpretaciones Hablebenicasmith�s

Con el aprecio de siempre y mis saludos a la excelente traductora para su English.

Tatiana Schneider

Buenos Aires