Letters to the Editor
RE: Death Be Not Proud
Dear Frank, Wonderful reading. Insightful and an invitation to look inside. I am tempted to reflect on my own path, but will do that
in confession. At the Christian Community I have come to cherish confession: it strikes me as a surprise that my „karma“
should lead me to cherish the weekly rhythm so similar to the Catholic, which was always far away when I was a kid growing
up “abroad” in the wake of my father´s work in the „Auswärtiges Amt&ldquo at best there was a bit of Anglicanism during
my Australian school years 1-6, but that was “them” and “we” were Lutheran. I´m still straddling the Atlantic between
Germany and Chile, and growing older attending to patients nearing death - and aware of it (both them and myself aware
of it - death - and ready to delve into <Rückschau as well as speaking honestly about it when it is erwünscht - and
I am mostly ready to look that way and investigate what being a doctor in the face of a death that is going to come with
or without me - no matter whether my patient may be ready or reluctant. From death to "the threshold" is only a little
step - and yet a decisive one. And I could go on and on, touched by the spark of your karma.
Will sleep, maybe re read that article in „Aleteia“ about the “examination” before crossing the threshold into sleep.
Take care, and muchas gracias por lo que compartes.

Helmut Reichardt

RE: SCR cover 115

Compare Luini's painting to the Louvre's version of Virgin of the Rocks. Note the "madonna's" hands! One can do this with other paintings by Leonardo's students. I have a Christmas presentation coming up in NYC where I cover this. Thanks for your great work!
Andrew Linnell

RE: The Economy of a Waldorf School Hi frank..esp. enjoyed Dylan Thomas, and Waldorf economy....I thought Waldorf WAS supposed to engender 3 fold as a model for society...is 3fold found anywhere in operation? Michael Bogil Thank you

The link did not work from my iPad using Chrome. I just went to your site following my previous link. Thank you for the interesting,
informative and original style and a new expression for the anthroposophical work needed in our world.
Richard Meyers

Letter to an Anarchist Thanks for this great article. I am longing to read more about the rights sphere in light of increased attacks on vulnerable sections of the population, mostly people of color institutionalized by the government and reinforced by culture. How do we address that? More to come…….?
Carol Wolfley Berkeley California
RE: Apologia Dear Mr Frank Thomas Smith, Thank you very much for your work. I have found your translation of the class lessons easy to understand. I can also agree with your apologia about making it publicly available. I live in Australia, another Southern Cross country.  Best wishes for your further work, Yasushi Hayashi