Letters to the Editor

RE: SCR Nr. 117

Hola Frank. Gracias por las obras de arte tan hermosas que compartes. Feliz día!

Gracias Piedad. Debido a las obras de arte, SouthernCrossReview está prohibida en Saudi Arabia.

Tremenda revista!! Estremece pensar que el arte se pueda prohibir siendo una salvación para la humanidad!!! Y mira: sucede

Piedad Villegas



RE: A Journey to the Stars

A Journey to the Stars......(applauding loudly with kleenex in hand)...
That I shall read to my little loves.  Just lovely and memorable. 

Tracie Al nasian



RE: Military-industrial complex

Well done, Frank. Thanks for your unique perspective. It's amazing to me how few people see the dangers of having a mad man at the helm who has absolutely no affinity for the truth, and whose lifestyle of abuse to women, and penchant for playing with porn stars have not given us all ample evidence of his thoroughgoing corruption.

Bruce McCausland


RE: The Stranger

This is an insanely beautiful story, so quintessentially Salinger. It really astonishes me that he didn't want to publish it with his other collected stories, except that it's so raw & young. I'm Sso glad you made it available. I think Salinger is one of the fines short story writers ever, an equal of Maupassant.

Susan Telcher


RE: The Norwegian Menace
The coalition govt that has been in power for four and a half years after being reelected last fall includes the far right Progress Party 
with its blatantly racist and xenophobic positions and policies. They've been busy dismantling all benefits for the needy and making the rich richer.
They look to the American Republican Party as a model for their own. Most of those fascists happen to be female -- so what? I'm sick and tired
seeing all those American media reports about Norway (including Michael Moore) where this crucial point is always ignored. The way things are going, Norway will soon be Little Trumpland. Why is this never ever mentioned? The Washington Post has called migration minister Sylvi Listhaug Norway's Donald Trump. In many respects she's a lot worse! And the finance minister and FRP party leader Siv Jensen is just as bad, robbing the poor for the benefit of the wealthy. Fear of foreigners, immigrants, aliens is keeping them in power, and those who fear aliens are being robbed as a reward. Sounds familiar?
Tarjei Straume