Consumed by Ancient Stars

By Jaison Christopher Hungerford

The night was hot like teapots
on an open fire

and we drank the heat under the stars
in the old 57
bel air convertible

while the storm rolled across the valley
and drenched us
to the bone

but neither did we fear
lightning bolts
or rain

because we both knew,
that one day we would die

and that was reason enough to continue
making love
and allow the whirling wind

to fill our souls with happiness
and smiles,
whenever we met thereafter

And at your sister's wedding
on the stone bench
in the garden
you said,

it was the best-est summer ever
of all summers

and there we were
at the edge of a dark forest
holding hands

smiling, like it was yesterday

Our souls consumed by ancient stars,
still lost
in the cavernous reach
of smiles

as the wedding guests stumbled away
in the warm August
of a waning crescent moon

The undaunted pleasure
of touch
and that exquisite look of charm
on your face

that always came, when starting over
that always made me kneel, and say amen
had come again

And as I rediscovered the magic secret
of your eyes
and traced your hips with roaring happiness
we took
a midnight swim

and the past and future clashed
against our chest
in the vastness of the lake

leaving room for nothing
but tears
and blissful August happiness

And I could see your breasts in the dusky light
of the moon
as we fell in love again

but this time, I made a promise
to god and the stars
and the dusky August moon

never to walk away

Because you're the balm of my life; the one true balm
and I'm no good
at living without you

and that's the gods honest truth

Because I'm happy to disappear
inside of you,

with no recollection
of who I am

without you.