Letters to the Editor

RE: "Open Letter" - or - The Judith von Halle Phenomenon Continued

Thank you for reprinting this open letter, Frank. The attacks against Judith Von Halle are symptomatic of a longstanding and vitriolic prejudice against followers of Steiner who publicly share the results of their own super sensible gifts and spiritual scientific research.

Edward Tazer Myers


RE: The Forgotten Prophet

Wonderful history - I had no idea that abolitionism began that early . Well written - it allows the reader to go with the history in a wonderful, non-judgmental way with the facts.

Therese Osborne

Great piece! thank you very much!

Anne Stallybrass


RE: First Class Volumes

Dear Mr. Smith,

Let me express my heartfelt gratitude for this translation, which I find most lucid and informative. I have found past translations to leave me unsatisfied except when brought by a reader who is also a eurythmist. (Beth Usher in Austin, TX)I have Volume I from the Archives. I would greatly appreciate Volumes 2 & 3 in pdf form.

Warm regards,

Morgan Vierheller


RE: The Fifth Gospel

Many thanks for your lovely, lucid translation.  It has a fluidity and ease that I don't remember from previous translations. Your efforts are much appreciated.
Best regards,
Jennifer C. Yates