Letters to the Editor

RE: Moral Socialism Frank Thomas Smith's article on Moral Socialism is perhaps the clearest most innovative piece I've seen on this subject to date. It clears up Steiner's oft quoted but little understood comments about what he called 'socialism' (actually it was Bolshevism he was attacking) and presents a common-sense alternative which he describes with a brilliant new term: Moral Socialism. Thank you Frank!
Bruce McCausland

That's brilliant.  You have a first rate mind; it's the spark of innovation joined with crystalline clarity. When thinking of that caliber gets formulated and out in the world, it's a powerfully important deed. Thank you and I look forward to following your future work in this area.
Dan Morgan

Dear Frank, what a brilliant essay! I hope it gets well-read. I’ve been meaning to write to thank you for the ease in finding old issues as I have reading them every day for a few hours. Also to say how important your magazine is and the great work you are doing. I have wondered if it is similar to Luzifer-Gnosis? Best wishes to you!
Kendall Weaver
RE: Life on Mars Great story. Easily my favorite appearance of a fictionalized Saul Bellow in all of literature. Don't ask for a population sample behind that statistic, though. "She smiled a smile that would have melted Darth Vader’s heart."
Jeff Falzone
Hi dear Frank,
I just received this, today and immediately shared it to some fb groups. Good work, dear friend!
Danica Wolkiser

for your information: both got through here. And then: thank you for interesting readings all these years
Magdalena Zoeppritz

[The last two letters refer to my request for information about certain servers treating my bi-monthly messages as spam. Ed.]