The Friend From a Distant Land

Aconcagua Peak

by Frank Thomas Smith


Beyond the highest, Aconcagua's peak,
Lives a lady of delicate health
Known by the name Mireya.

Her glance, her smile, her self are all I seek,
Are more to me than worlds of wealth,
The ailing lady Mireya.

Her pace is slower now, embraces weak,
So I will pray for her in stealth,
For the life of my dear Mireya.


The friend she was from a distant land,
Beyond Aconcagua's peak.
She knew her time was short...she took my hand
In hers - she had no need to speak.

The lover from a distant land was she
Whose love was true, and now she's gone away
With me, she said, inside her...I tried to be
as close, so close: she wanted me to stay.

Her lovely land was distant though,
A strip beyond Aconcagua's peak,
I arrived late, so I'll never more know
Her glance, the smile I used to seek.