The Silent Shadow

The Shadow

by Frank Thomas Smith

The winter sun strums its tune
Upon my body – in fact my back,
Hurrying home from a weekly walk
Through the woods with my dogs today.

I feel alone with my solitary self
Inhabiting my body blocking the sunlight.
But now – starting at my feet –
Slouching at the selfsame speed,

Reaching upward to my head,
A shadow follows me, or rather
I am following the silent shadow.
I ask who it is, what it wants,

It does not answer; well, though,
What can you expect from a somber shadow,
A fickle filter of the sun, a symbol?
It's not true at all that

“I think, therefore I am.” - but:
“I am in my brooding body.”
The positive proof is that
It casts a silent shadow.