A Poem of Love for Fun

by Alistair Potter

I decided to write a poem, for fun,
So looked at what some others had done.
First there was Shakespeare the Bard of course
And others possessing a certain force,
But that was old and stuffy stuff
And I, well, I meant to be tough.

So I looked at what others now are doing,
Didn't want to write what I'd be ruing;
But it looked like such a load of shit
That I didn't like it, not one bit.
Couldn't for the life of me figure out
What, if anything, it was all about.

So I wrote a poem about something new,
Which had been written by very few:
The subject – you'll never guess – was love,
Not below the belt, but above.
Once it's finished and tried out
You'll speak love low, without a doubt.