The White Trump-Pill

by Tarjei Straume

I almost forgot: I had a dream about Donald Trump when I woke up this morning. Or was it yesterday morning? It just so happens that I had a couple of bad falls in a parking lot a couple of weeks ago and cracked a rib and also hurt my jaw because I fell flat on my face, nose bleeding and black eye. The rib is OK now, but the jaw still hurts sometimes when I’ve been lying for hours on the left side, because then it combines with a headache and I have to get up and eat some painkillers.

Other people write about such stuff on Facebook constantly. I don’t, but this involves a dream about Trump, so bear with me.

So I was half awake and half asleep and in pain, thinking about taking pills. And in the dream, Trump was passing out some white oblong pills, not only to me, but to all the voters. I don’t vote in America [Tarjei lives in Norway], but this was a dream.

As it turned out, they were poisonous pills that knocked you out or killed you, like a Jim Jones Kool Aid sort of thing, and he told everybody that this was how to vote this year, by eating his pills. The pills were the ballots and they had to be eaten, and they were likely to kill you.

Then I woke up and ate some pills that did me some good instead, but it was very creepy so no wonder I forgot it. If anyone would like to interpret this dream, go ahead.