Letters to the Editor

RE: A Girl I knew by J.D. Salinger

Hi Frank,

This is a gem of a short story. You can see that Salinger’s art was in already in high form prior to Catcher.  It reminds me of James Joyce’s “The Dead.” I have attached the pdf for you (I think the copyright has expired), if you don’t already have it. What I am most surprised at is that Good Housekeeping would allow some profanity into their pages in 1948. Thank you for publishing this piece. 

Best regards,

Edward Tazer Meyers


Buenos días,

Hermoso escrito que me trae recuerdos de mis lecturas juveniles de Ana Frank, se respira el mismo tierno aroma dentro de un inmenso drama, quizas por eso.


José macias

RE: Breathe

I loved this beautiful poem! So poignant and a wonderful reminder of what nature can be for us.

Lois Moseley

I have read and reread this beautiful poem by Becky Hemsley and am moved every time I read it.  I think of the women I love, who so easily fit this story, one part of which, somewhere, there's a woman will identify. Maybe not all but certainly some.  Times are changing,  women's role is no longer assessed by the old rules of how we are supposed to be,  but inside,  too many of us still feel we were born to fix life for the world! Love this poem, is there a published book I can share? Thank you. 

Susan Sell

RE: The Escape Route


A truly hilarious story.

Many thanks.

Nick Maync-Matsumoto

RE: Reincarnation Blues – Canto 1 by Frank Thomas Smith

Leí el poema y realmente me encanta. Tiene musicalidad y profundidad, Te felicito, me gusta mucho mucho mucho.

Elena Wedeltoft