Reincarnation Blues – Canto XI

by Frank Thomas Smith

Often I try to analyze
the reasons for being here and now,
today, kicking and alive,
swearing and forgetting my solemn vow.

Once I was nothing, a bare-ass nude,
and in not too many years to go
again a nothing nada dude.
That's the way it goes, you know.

My heart (the know-it-all) disagrees,
and throbbing in feeling-thought decrees
that during the past as a daring dude
I existed, albeit, frankly, crude.

Two-legged, striving, sweating me,
and tomorrow or a little longer maybe,
I'll be back to meet you there where
we once loved, if you still care.

Don't ask where, you'll know where when
That woodpecker we knew pecks a riot
On an oak tree in a Grecian glen.
And Reincarnation Blues will softly sing it.