Letters to the Editor

RE: Breathe

I absolutely love this piece of poetry. Recently, having a very hard time with a ridiculously troublesome divorce, this makes so much sense to me, It's sad. Marybeth Fletcher

* * *

I too like to think that I am a poet but of course only others may say that. You, however, I am glad and encouraged by heart to speak the truth to say, are a poet. 

This is the first time I have read "Breathe" and I am enchanted by it. Thank you for your effort and for allowing me the privilege of having the great honor of the enlightenment it brings to me.

Ronald Daniel Gillen

AKA Daniel Converse

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I just listened to a podcast from Meghan Markle's "Archetypes" series and she concluded by reading Becky Hemsley's poem "Breathe" (https://southerncrossreview.org/141/hemsley-breathe.html) ... wow !! ;-D

I'm a bit lost for words in the wake of this poem but want to send this "fan girl" email to say thanx !! ;-D

Gratefully & Semi-Breathlessly,

Vivian Wuarchose

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I absolutely totally loved this poem, although on the whole I don’t do terribly well with poetry. It mostly goes right over my head! But please please correct it’s to its in your review!!!! “and it’s consistencies with human emotion. ”

Bad form.  I look forward to reading more. 



Corrected, with thanks. (Ed.)

RE: The Necessity of a truly Free Education

Hi Frank,

I hope this finds you well. Happy New Year!

I nominated your (& colleagues) paper, The Necessity of Truly Free Education, in the Nonfiction Articles category of the 25th Annual Critters Readers Poll.

Here's the link to vote, if you like:


And here's the link for current standings:


Thanks again!



Starship Sloane Publishing

RE: American Exceptionalism on Full Display

I would like this article printed on everyone's front page computer, on their minds along with a hard slap on their cheeks! Such ignorance, stupidity, and other words I can't remember at the moment having to do with so many other shortcomings of the amerrikkkan mentality. They buy the pap, the fairy tale, the lies and propaganda and revel in the myths of what is going on in this selfish place. Despite spending all kinds of money on military expansion, ughhhhh!!!! There's no point in even repeating all of that. I completely agree with Gordon! And , by the way, Rochester has one of the highest rates of child poverty in the country! It has one of the worst public school systems and a high murder rate. It's also interesting to note that there is so little anger towards the system from people who suffer most. That's enough. Just one thing, it is so difficult to get this truth out to the world, or even to the people who could learn something about it in this country!

Barbara Fox

Rochester, New York

RE: Intergalactic Reincarnation

Gracias Frank por traerme recuerdos de Mireya y por tus pensamientos. Seguro nos volveremos encontrar en nuestra próxima reencarnación.

Un abrazo

Monica Waldman

* * *

This is thought provoking and beautiful thank you.

Lyndi Whalen

RE: Journey to the Stars

Dear Frank,

thank you for this journey! "Now I must return to the fountain for more water. My bottle is almost empty" :)

Cheers, Norbert Hanny

RE: The Universe as Hologram

That was a terrific article and, as a social commentator, has opened my mind beyond anything I have previously experienced.

What immediately jumped into my mind was that we all have different perceptions of the same thing, be it theory or ‘solid’ state and is yet another aspect of our interconnectedness and life as a holograph.

Thank you so much for placing this information in an arena where non-scientists such as myself can learn. A fabulous start to 2023.


John Coombes