Letters to the Editor

RE: Passing Away in Boca Raton by Frank Thomas Smith

Dear Editors

I must once again protest the publication of these highly inflammable detective stories involving Roberto Fox. It would seem that beautiful women and hotel rooms are all this master agent can muster on his trips abroad.

My husband of 33 years who suffers from an acute form of absolute truth has had to have his dosage of anti-depressants increased twice since your publication landed on our door step last Friday. He has also asked his pharmacist for samples of Viagra!

It is, I am sure, just a coincidence that like your fictitious expatriate, ex-FBI, ex-Brooklynite, x-rated womanizing detective, that my husband’s mother is also retired in Florida. She is a dodo-bird of a person who has had her dead poodle, Pierre, stuffed and last month changed her will to have all her assets left to the Sarasota chapter of the ASPCA.

With all these things going on in my life, I cannot afford the time to keep fighting off my husband’s sexual advances each time he reads one of these inflammatory tales and then runs to the nearest drug store!

Would you please just solve the crime or the mystery and leave out mentioning long legs and women being tossed on beds and kissing at the Holiday Inn. You should know that my husband has booked a room at our local Holiday Inn for three nights!

On the brighter side, my mother-in-law has left us the stuffed dog.


Jackie Ingles, Mrs.

RE: Blonde Noir

Hi Frank,

I liked DC's story. I am scared as hell to incarnate as a woman in my next life.


Norbert Hanny


Good day,

I loved this story! The author took me into the world of Kit Covington. As a woman and as an artist, I completely identified with the main character. The writing was visual and emotional. Thank you for publishing. I look forward to reading more by this writer.


W. Baker

RE They Call Me Jackie Robinson in Brazil

Viva a Dona Ute e Zeca!!!!

Ute Craemer

RE: JFK – and the Unspeakable

Frank -

While reading your review of JFK and the Unspeakable, I thought that you were softening it and expressing doubts, and I wondered why, who it was for whom you needed to soften it and express doubts. The assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy were intricately planned and brought about by the CIA (this has been confirmed in multiple congressional investigations and by some remarkable admissions by CIA agents themselves, as well as CIA documents that have been released - though these are for some reason not well publicized), and very likely the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X as well (the FBI may have taken the lead in the latter two). The mob may well have had a substantial role also, as the CIA was actively working with the mob at that time, to overthrow Castro, and cooperated with the CIA in several unsuccessful assassination attempts on Castro himself. And multiple more murders were committed in the cover-up of these assassinations, especially the JFK one.

There is no doubt much more to be learned from the hundreds of documents not yet released by the CIA. In fact, the CIA was assassinating (or attempting to) a number of foreign heads of state of whom they disapproved, from Mossadegh in Iran (and we wonder why they call us “the Great Satan!) to Lumumba, Sukarno, Diem in Viet Nam, and others in South America and Africa, particularly. If they could not assassinate, they brought about a dozen coups (e.g. Allende/Pinochet). The Kennedy assassination was apparently the first time they turned their assassination attention and practice to operate on a domestic front – as far as we know. Criminals they were already; at that point they became traitors.

I think there is no reasonable doubt about the role of the CIA in the murders of the Kennedys, and that the campaign for president of RFK Jr may likely put him in grave danger as well (he is not unaware of it). The most chilling thing about all this, perhaps, is the realization that these same people or this same element is still in power in our government, and that no president has dared to take them on since Kennedy. And no president has dared question wars and weapons sales, and to work seriously for peace. RFK Jr. is not just a breath of fresh air (he talks publicly as if he were talking to me, not as a politician talks); he is a provider of oxygen to a U. S. democracy on life support and suffocating.

That book makes a lot of things very clear. I think every voter in the U.S. needs to read it, but of course they won’t. It is hard reading and is relentless, and we Americans apparently don’t want to know such things, and are walking in our sleep.

Michael Hall

PS - I’m enjoying much of the writing in your review. Thank you.

RE: Deadly Immunity by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Hi, Frank. I'm saddened that this article has given the man yet another platform to distribute claims that are not backed by data but by conspiracy. Democracy is being chipped away, piece by piece, by conspiracies, disinformation and consequent lack of trust.

An article of this sort should be accompanied by evidence and data, lots of it, with footnotes pointing to reliable and authoritative sources providing the papers and analyses behind it.

Can I prove he's wrong? Of course not. Then again, he can't prove I'm wrong if I say there is a teapot orbiting the sun between Earth and Mars.

In the below article there are links to the following claims made by RFK Jr:

Consider this my unsubscribe. I enjoy Steiner, Illich, Borges. Not this garbage.

Miguel Marcos Martinez


Dear Frank,

This is so important! And his July 2023 podcast link as well. I am so grateful to Kennedy for opposing the compulsory Covid vaccinations! IMHO, rejecting this experimental mRNA gene-therapy was a global test for mankind, whether our level of consciousness reached the desired Consciousness Soul level (the period of which started in 1413).

So thank you for publishing this! Cheers,

Norbert Hanny


Robert F Kennedy (Jr.) is wrong. His bogus claims have been disproven by countless studies, including a few that were contemporary with this article. You should publish a review of some of those.

Robert Zimmer


It is quite unbelievable that the medical ethics of federal bodies could stoop as low as this. We expect doctors to be utterly moral. Surely.

Maurice McCarthy

Swansea, UK


Hi Frank

Honestly, I quite enjoy some of the thoughtful,  unusual, literary, and esoteric stories and other items that find their way into your SC review, but my comment in this case is that I think it’s irresponsible of you to publish this conspiracy theorist anti-vaxxer rubbish. 

If you read the piece critically, you see that it has all hallmarks of conspiracy literature: no actual verifiable scientific proof, instead “secret” (unpublished, unverified, unreferenced) research, a long diatribe of explanation with numerous mentions of august bodies and dates to make it seem impressive, secret meetings where recording and photocopying were prohibited (ergo no proof), scientific inaccuracies (confusion of thimerosal with ethyl mercury, for example). 

Kennedy himself has had three family members speak up, publicly repudiating his approach. His uncle, when president of the USA, instigated large-scale vaccination programs, saving thousands of lives in the 1960s. The article fails to mention these balancing facts. 

No evidence is  presented to support the unfounded allegations that US government bodies helped drug companies get rid of stocks of so-called toxic vaccines. 

The article takes a polemical approach, with no journalistic presentation of the opposite side of the story, which would enable the reader can make a more informed opinion. 

I wouldn’t care about any of this, except that when people (eg SCReview) continue to publish this type of material, it contributes to the general sense of separation and anxiety that is in the rise as a result of the accelerating pace of change in our civilization (caused, in my opinion, by the increase in population, combined with the hyper connectivity that new comms technologies have provided - but note, this is a mere intuition,  and I have no evidence ?). 

By increasing people’s anxiety, this kind of writing also contributes to the slow erosion of confidence in a proven, validated, and important public health measure: vaccination  

This results in increased numbers of parents failing to vaccinate their children, which reduces the herd immunity effect, and results in unnecessary sickness and death in innocent children. As an example, explained in straightforward terms, see this recent reportage:  https://www.forbes.com/sites/matthewbinnicker/2023/06/28/measles-once-an-afterthought-in-the-us-is-making-a-comeback/?sh=64d602f34bcd

If you really want to publish stuff like this, at least consider publishing the other side of the argument as well. 

On the other hand, if you are a confirmed anti-vaccination person yourself, and thereby committed to ignoring or dismissing the great weight of scientific evidence as a conspiracy by governments/ corporations/ George Soros / Bill Gates / Illuminati/ whatever, then please let me know so I don’t waste any more of your and my valuable time. 

These three pieces might also be worth your while to look at:

Thank you for your consideration. And otherwise please keep the stories, literature, and esoteric articles coming. 

Kind regards,

Phillip Crockford 

RE: Love in the Life of Spies – Chapter 5

Ever go to Compagno's Deli on Prescott in Monterey, across from the language school? Great Hoagies and beers from around the world for returning servicemen.

Nice writing, thanks

John Azzaro