Letters to the editor

RE: Breathe

I hope that everyone, especially young people, have an opportunity to read this poem. It is a life changing message.

Carol Bates

* * * * *

Thank you for this wonderful poem. I felt the breeze and the wind in the trees.

I felt the isolation that comes with being different.


Marie Clowes

* * * * *

I heard this poem for the first time on Woman's Hour this morning and I was captivated by it. I then found it on line and am reading it over and over again!  It is so poignant and will resonante with many people I am sure.

I am very much looking forward to reading more of Becky Hemsley's poems!

Kind regards

Linda Doel

* * * * *

This is so beautiful it brought tears! I’m generally not a great fan of poetry but this truly exceptional. Becky Helmsley is on my radar for the future.

Joy Osborn

RE: La lomíta mágica

Hola, gracias por aceptar mi solicitud ! Mi hijo hoy en día tiene 25 años y bautizó a su muñeco de la infancia "Divino"gracias a su hermoso libro.

Veronica Roman

RE: Toward a Threefold Society

Sehr wichtig, immer noch!!! (Very important, still!!!)

Ute Craemer

RE: Beyond Belief

A good review stimulates the reader to take the matter further usually by reading the book. An excellent review gives one a sniff and commentary of the core concepts raised. This is an excellent review.

I think she (Pagels) may have got Thomas right but misconstrued John which carries the same esoteric meaning to be experienced with training, and without denying access to the faith, thus it became “The Priests’ Gospel” and direct access by the congregation discouraged if not suppressed. Faith is all you need – faith is all you need and you probably can’t read anyway. All of the gospels contain ‘veiled’ meanings but none more so than John. A friend, Adrian Anderson has written and published a weighty tome on this based on his translation of Codex Bezae, an ancient translation of John by an unknown scribe who was aware of the esoteric content.

Her position on the synoptic gospels is puzzling and needs my further consideration in the light of my bias toward Steiner’s expiation on the same subjects.

Good to hear from you Frank.

Ian Mcgillivray