Letters to the Editor

RE: Exile’s End – a Memoir

Thank you very much for your book. I am reading it and enjoying it immensely. I love hearing about how people's lives intersect and one "finds" Anthroposophy. This was so very thoughtful of you. Thanks Again, Frank Thomas Smith for many hours of thought provoking and interesting reads.

All the best,

Sue Mohler


Holy smokes, you will be 92 years old this year? Amazing :)

Norbert Hanny


Bravo! Ya lo estoy leyendo.

Hernán Melana


Wonderful Frank.…

boskov hansen

RE: The Nature Spirits

I loved it. My achy 89 year old self reverted to the little girl who saw elementals all around and had two special friends, Açidulait and Monsieur MüllerMan. 

Jenny Floch


Super charming and awesome illustrations.

Raun Griffiths

RE: Christ Comes To Skopelos

Beautiful poem Frank. It elicits a cry from my heart

Ian MacGillivray

RE: Israel, the United States, and the Rethoric of the War on Terror

Bravo Maha Hilal for exposing the mendacious rhetoric of the Zionists and Neo–Cons both. 

It seems even more important for us to understand that together, they executed both the 9/11 attacks and – through a “Let it Happpen on Purpose” – October 7th. 

Dr. Kevin Dann

RE: The Talking Trees

I live outside Charleston. Here is a pic of a famous Oak Tree named, "The Angel Oak" in West Ashley, Charleston County, SC.…I had a hemlock tree where I lived in MA...as well as some other wonderful trees...occasionally, I would hear whispers...Love the article. Tried using the email or message tool on the website...it didn't work.…Thanks for years of interesting reading.
All the best,