Nick Herbert

What Christian would not somersault with glee
To travel back to ancient Galilee?
To walk barefoot on Israel's holy ground
And videotape the Sermon on the Mound?

Then envy me, for I lived in His time
I knew the Man: we shared a glass of wine
And later on this not unpleasing bod
Was wrapped around the very limb of God.

What Christian would not sell his wife and farm
To listen to His voice or touch His arm?
I walked and touched and harkened to His Word
And felt His first and second coming, and His third.

I held Him heard Him sobbing in His sleep
He dreamt of nails punching thru His feet
To me alone He spoke His Secret Name
And which of you could ever say the same.



I want your bra size, baby
Fax number, E-mail address,
Modem com code, ID,
Phone machine access.

Give me your thumb print, password,
Blood type and credit check;
Give me your antibody spectrum;
Give me your immune responsive specs.

Let's break bread together, baby,
Exchange cryptographic primes;
Let's link our parallel ports;
Let's go on-line in real-time.

Velcro'd at the chakras
Let's circulate our chi;
Let's indulge in covalent bondage;
Let's communicate in C.

I wanna swim in your gene pool , mama;
Snort up your pheromones close range;
Tune into your neurotransmitters;
Introduce you to Doctor Strange.

I wanna surf your quantum potentia;
Mess with your thermostat;
Wanna tour your molecular orbits;
Wanna feed your Schroedinger cat.

Let's surgically merge our organs:
Our kidneys, our lungs, and our hearts;
Let's read physics journals together
And laugh at the dirty parts.

Let's Bell-connect our bellies
With some quantum-adhesive glue;
Let's do new stuff to each other
That Newton never knew.

I wanna feel your viscosity, honey
Melt my rheological mind;
Let your female force field vortex
Deform my male spacetime.

Let's dance at warp speed, dearie
Go back before B. C.
We'll dress in period costumes
And make love to our family tree.

© 2002 Nick Herbert

Nick Herbert is an industrial and academic physicist (and poet) and is the author of "Quantum Reality", "Faster Than Light" and "Elemental Mind". He is currently devising the Next Big Science which he calls Quantum Tantra and is said to be a contender for this year's Nobel Peace Prize. See http://members.cruzio.com/~quanta/nobel.html

He recommends that you to catch a sneak preview of Doctor Jabir's proposed Final Solution to the conflict in the Middle East at: http://members.cruzio.com/~quanta/solution.html

Email: [email protected]