Letters to the Editor


Ciao Frank,
Congratulations on a nice number. Over breakfast this morning [no freedom discussed today!] I told Milena about how I like Southern Cross Review. One, I like its - your - ideology, the ezine's deceptive simplicity and powerful content. It really has grown and matured - I have witnessed its growth, as you often like to note - "Gaither hasn't missed a number yet!" [and I don't intend missing one, as long as I can do things you like.]
     Thanks also for your editorial. Excellent. It requires more space to go into a detailed answer. You know from my stuff that I am quite left-wing - if that term can still be used. Today I consider myself some kind of social democrat [maybe I was anarcho-Communist until the term became unusable - not the Soviet brand of Communism of course.]
     It's rather confusing. I agree that the state shouldn't be involved in business nor control economy. It never worked - as it is not working in this near authoritarian Italy - but I still think it should be quite involved in the social. In fact I believe it must be involved in the social - national health, just to name the most obvious, but also the various aspects of welfare. I believe the old, sick and weak must be defended.
     I liked [and agree and have written the same!] your allusions to how worker-employee cooperatives and economic associations can play many new roles. I too detest the entire "market resolves all" philosophy - and globalization which I oppose - though you must be right in that it reflects the natural course of business. The result is that the rich get richer and the poor poorer.
     Anyway I just wanted to express my relief that one magazine publisher has the guts to say these things with which maybe more people than we think agree....

Gaither Stewart,


Re: Going to Manhattan, by Robert Cohen.

Either itīs a fluke , hard to tell since he talks about something he probably lived through often enough, or your cousin Bob both writes well, and imagines well....Itīs a very good story, all mood and nothing happening and yet tension both outside and inside ....Congrats to your cousin for saying so much in so few words..

Buenos Aires

Hello, Frank

Re: The Baseball Murders

thanks for the SCR - it is more enjoyable each time, and always thought provoking.

As for the Baseball Murders, I thought Darrell Stark could take a holiday in Switzerland and get a job with an aviation body as a Compliance Officer. His police background fits him ideally to this. Charley could fall in love with JR the 3rd, who leaves baseball and so avoids being murdered!!



Thanks for the response.

I have never gotten paid for any of my stories, so why start now? In the best scenario, a friend reads one of my stories, sends it to her sister, who sends it to some agent whose cousin is marrying Rupert Murdoch's granddaughter twice removed. Hey, it happens.

Who knows the end game when it comes to publishing on the net? Well, I suppose you have a few ideas. Anyway, as more sites are downloadable to palm pilots, programmable ebooks with better readability will probably follow. Time will tell how this will affect authors, readers, publishers.

All I know is that publishing on the net for me has been nothing but positive. Far more people have read my stories than I could have possibly reached from an obscure journal, mailing/copying costs are nil, turnaround time is minimal, and I've gotten feedback from editors. But most importantly, as my list of publishing credits grow, I feel more confident with my writing - the ultimate pay off.


Dear Frank,

Had a chance to read the essays by Nick Herbert [The AMY Project and Quantum Tantra] and the excerpt from Peter Parnell's play "QED", on the life of Richard Feynman.

Coincidentally, I was putting up my new reviews of "Quantum Reality" by Nick and "QED" by Richard. You might enjoy reading them and you have my permission to link to them if you like.

I note that I named Chapter 2 of my Volume 1 of "A Reader's Journal" after Nick's fine book, "Quantum Reality".

in freedom and light,

Bobby Matherne,
New Orleans

Review of Quantum Reality: http://www.doyletics.com/_arj1/quantumr.htm

Review of QED: http://www.doyletics.com/_arj1/qed-quan.htm

by Tom Mellett

Oh if only we could all be on the same page, the same map and end the intellectual bludgeoning. I know patience, patience. Mr. Mellett, who has arrived rightly on the clock face of grasping the sentient soul, intellectual soul and consciousness soul stages of development in scientific outlook has been very generous to the current "Outer Limits" of knowledge.

I was struck by his phasing of the development of our scientific outlook and his well indicated understanding that with the maps of the Heavens and ideas still hovering in science around the "Big Bang" Hubbel telescope has managed to picture vast systems where our tiny blue planet hides, a speck; a chance in a google to bear the Way, The Truth and the Life. We have been allowed to see into our position in the vast Milky Way.. and it reminds me of the amazing camera pull out in the opening scenes of the film, "Contact" (which hardly any of you have seen I'm sure).

Bradford Riley,