What some well-known people have said or written about Rudolf Steiner and Waldorf Education:

Albert Schweitzer:

"My meeting with Rudolf Steiner led me to occupy myself with him from that time forth and to remain always aware of his significance. We both felt the same obligation to lead man once again to true inner culture. I have rejoiced at the achievements his great personality and his profound humanity have brought about in the world."
Willy Brandt, former Chancellor West Germany, former Waldorf parent, 1971 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate:
"The advent of the Waldorf Schools was in my opinion the greatest contribution to world peace and understanding of the century ."
Saul Bellow, 1976 Nobel Literature Laureate:
"If I had a child of school age, I would send him to one of the Waldorf Schools."
Joseph Chilton Pearce, Author: "The Magical Child":
"If there is any one thing that the Waldorf system does, it nurtures, protects, and develops the intelligence of the true child."
Michael Ende, Author: "The Neverending Story", former Waldorf pupil:
"I am deeply grateful for Waldorf education, which woke me up and helped me rediscover my imagination."
Marjorie Spock, Author, teacher (sister of Dr. Benjamin Spock and inspirer of Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring", that led to Earth Day):
"Waldorf education enables young people to be in love with the world as the world should be loved."
Ken Wilber, Author (among many works: "Integral Psychology"):
"Steiner (1861-1925) was an extraordinary pioneer ... and one of the most comprehensive psychological and philosophical visionaries of his time ... his overall vision is as moving as one could imagine."
William Randolf Hearst, founder of the Hearst Foundation, Inc:
"My wife, Julie, and I are 100 percent behind the Waldorf School movement. Our children attend a Waldorf School and both of us have enrolled in the teacher training program for Waldorf Education."
Ernest L Boyer (1928-1995), Former President, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching:
"Those in the public school reform movement have some important things to learn from what Waldorf educators have been doing for many years. It is an enormously impressive effort toward quality education."
Eric Utne, founder of, publisher, and former editor-in-chief of Utne Reader, (described by The New York Times as "one of the most distinctive voices in magazine journalism,") now a Waldorf teacher:
"My son Leif attended a Waldorf school from nursery through eighth grade. Even more gratifying than his specific achievements are his ongoing infatuation with learning and absence of incapacitating cynicism. ... Waldorf schools generally turn out young people who get into the colleges of their choice, but more importantly are well prepared for life. I hope this form of education becomes the basis for public school curriculum throughout the United States. And I hope it happens soon.
Russel Schweickart, Apollo 9 astronaut, NASA Astronaut Technical Advisor, California Energy Commission, former Waldorf parent:
"My daughter's experience at the Waldorf school has been both exciting and mind opening. I hope that more people can make Waldorf education available to their children."
Gilbert M. Grosvenor, President & Chairman, National Geographic Society, former Waldorf parent:
"It is a pleasure for me to write an endorsement for Waldorf Education ...[which] has been extraordinarily successful for my son. In three years, the remarkable, dedicated faculty has directed his attitude and energies toward academic achievement and civic responsibility... The school draws out the best of qualities in young people. While this is not an instant process, the values they learn by constant contact with the faculty will provide a lifetime platform from which to grow... - In summary this system works!"
Kenneth Chenault, vice chairman of American Express, former Waldorf student:
Waldorf taught me how to think for myself, to be accountable for my actions, to be a good listener, and to be sensitive to the needs of others. It also helped me to focus on the underlying importance of beliefs and values that are the foundation of good leadership." 

Thanks to Sune Nordwall (Sweden). These quotes are from his website: http://hem.passagen.se/thebee/waldorf/somecomments.htm