Statutes of Man and of Woman

Article I.

It is decreed

that life now has value,

that truth now has value,

and that offering our hands

we will all work

for true life.

Article II.

It is decreed

that all the days of the week,

including the grayest of Tuesdays,

have the right to become

Sunday mornings.

Article III.

It is decreed that,

from this very instant,

there will be sunflowers in all the windows,

that the sunflowers have the right

to open within the shadow;

and that the windows must remain open

all day for the green

where hope grows.

Article IV:

It is decreed that man

never more will need

to doubt man.

That man will trust in man

as the palm tree trusts in the wind,

as the wind trusts in the air,

as the air trusts in the blue field

of the sky.

Man will trust in man

as a child trusts in another child.

Article V.

It is decreed that men will be free from the yoke of lies.

Nevermore will it be necessary to use

the shield of silence

or the armor of words.

Man shall sit at the table

with a clear gaze,

for the truth will be served

before dessert.

Article VI.

It is established,

for ten centuries,

the practice dreamed by the prophet Isaías,

and the wolf and the sheep will graze together

and the food of both will taste of dawn.

Article VII.

By irrevocable decree,

the everlasting kingdom

of justice and clarity

is hereby established.

And joy will be a generous flag

forever raised

In the soul of the people.

Article VIII.

It is decreed

that the greatest pain

has always been and always will be

not being able to give love

to whom you love,

knowing that it's water

Who gives the plant

the miracle of the flower.

Article IX.

It is hereby permitted

that the daily bread

have in man the sign of his sweat.

But above all

that it always have

The warm taste

of tenderness.

Article X.

It is hereby permitted

to any person,

At any hour of life,

The use of the white dress.

Article XI.

It is decreed,

by definition,

that man

is an animal who loves,

and that for that reason is beautiful,

much more beautiful

than the morning star.

Article XII.

It is decreed that nothing

will be obligatory or banned.

Everything will be permitted,

even playing with rhinoceroses

and walking in the afternoons

with an immense begonia in the lapel.

Only one thing is prohibited:

to love without love.

Article XIII.

It is decreed that money

nevermore will be able to buy the sun

of future mornings.

Expelled from the great coffer of fear,

money will be transformed

into a fraternal sword

in order to defend the right to sing

and the feast of the day that dawned.

Final Article

It is hereby forbidden

to use the word Freedom,

which will be excised from the dictionaries

and the treacherous swamp of mouths.

From this moment on

freedom will be something alive and transparent,

like fire or a river,

or like a seed of wheat

and its dwelling will forever be

the heart of man.

By Thiago de Mello (Brazil)

Translated from Portuguese to Spanish by

Pablo Neruda (Chile)

Translated from Spanish to English by

FTS (USA/Argentina)