Alan Jackson

The Crucifixion was a killing arranged by priests and the state.

We have learned to read that well, have we not, in the last few centuries?

Priests and the State. Ideologies and the State. Church or Party and the State.

We know what it is they need to kill. Kill, maim, cut out, suppress, prevent.

Us. That is to say: I.


I, a one.  I, a free place. I who remember. I who came here. I who love. I who cannot be bought. I who have world in embrace; stars in eyes; future in heart.


I who brings together. I who meets and joins. I who have no passport. Who am not catalogued. Whom no frontier prevents.

Who cannot be killed; but can be severed from action, speech, breathing into earth.

We will be killed, many of us will be killed. Tortured, damaged, thrown away.

But still, always, we return, to continue.

Earth cannot live without us - the free  

and what lives in us is a god.

© 2003 Alan Jackson
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