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Number 28, August 2003

Our Lady of the Cosmos by Hannah M.G. Shapero
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Birdy: "Listen, Al. I think what I'm trying to say is, we really are loons. We're crazy because we can't accept the idea that things happen for no reason at all and that it doesn't mean anythng. We can't see life as just a row of hurdles we have to get over somehow. It looks to me as if everybody who isn't crazy, just keeps hacking away to get through. They live it out day by day because each day is there and then when they run out of days they close their eyes and call themselves dead."
Birdy, William Wharton

Steve Talbott, under "Science" speaks of one kind of intelligence, the human kind related to consciousness and thinking, and the mechanistic, robotic kind we are fast approaching. The other meaning of intelligence - the spook kind - is the subject of a group of ex-CIA veterans who lament the fact that real information gathered by true spooks is manipulated by the Bush administration alchemists and converted to the rational for their own purposes. See the two revealing pieces on this in "Current Events". Starhawk takes another pot-shot there at the cops who like to create obstacles to her peacenik love-ins.

Speaking of alchemists, did you know that one of the greatest scientists of all time, Isaac Newton, was also an alchemist? Read it and weep - or rejoice; it's up to you.

Ute Craemer's new book, Los niņos entre luz y sombras, in Spanish, is now available free of charge from our Ebook Library. It will be of special interest to educators and social workers in Spanish-speaking areas.

Quote of the month:
NY Mets manager Art Howe had Heilman walk Barry Bonds intentionally in the first inning with a runner on third base and two outs. "They booed me," Howe said, "But that might have saved the game for us right there. He saw only a handful of pitches all night, he hit two out and almost knocked down the wall with the other one [the single]."

Robert Zimmer's serialized, money-less free world book continues, and the Jackie Robinson mystery story concludes, finally. We also offer two short stories which are sufficiently nutty to satisfy even the nuttiest SCR addicts, one by Mike Ingles and the other by a newbie to SCR, Ed Lynskey.

Bobby Matherne's movie snapshots feature some old, some new and some exotic flics. Bobby follows up with a review of a Harold Bloom mind-stretcher.

Instead of classics, this month features poems by modern poets Dan McCann and Doug Tanourey.

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Frank Thomas Smith, editor

Jo Ann Schwartz, associate editor

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Table of Contents

Editor's Page
We cry for you, Argentina


Intelligence and its Artifacts
Steve Talbott

Isaac Newton -
The Last Sorcerer
National Public Radio


Manifestations of Karma
Lecture 9

Rudolf Steiner

Current Events

Intelligence Unglued
Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

Spooked by the White House
Mark Follman

The Seed-Ball Terrorists

Serialized Fiction

The Free World
Robert Zimmer

Who Killed Jack Robinson
Frank Thomas Smith

Short Fiction

The Last Hayride
Ed Lynskey

The Lightweight Pushup Bra
Mike Ingles


Israeli Waldorf School Needs Help
Gilad Goldschmidt

Cinema Snapshots
by Bobby Matherne

Book Review

Omens of Millennium
Harold Bloom

Review: Bobby Matherne


Ode to Feet and other poems
Doug Tanoury

Dead can Dance and other poems
Dan McCann

letters to the editor