Letters to the Editor


RE: Burning Bright


What a delightful piece, Frank. It appeals on several levels and conveys at least three meanings of "burning."


Terry Miller

Round Rock, Texas



RE: A View from the Eye of the Storm


Did you know the Harari speech was not intended for public distribution?It was presented at what was supposed to be a private conference, and somebody broke the confidence.(I wrote to him to confirm authenticity and that's what he replied.)

What an amazing world we live in.


Dave deBronkart



RE: Editorial

Bob Dylan:

The deputy sheriffs, the soldiers, the governors get paid,

And the marshals and cops get the same,

But the poor white man's used in the hands of them all like a tool.

He's taught in his school

From the start by the rule

That the laws are with him

To protect his white skin

Incidentally Frank, thank you for your very interesting story about what it was like for white and black friends travelling through the South together before the Civil Rights Movement, to get a bite to eat and a little shut-eye and so forth.

Highly recommended!

Tarjei Straume - Norway



Thank you for the honor! [of being the subject of the cover pic in SCR 35]


I am sorry but I have to correct your German language skills: It's not Fra�lein but Fr�ulein. It's really hard to pronounce your version of Fr�ulein...




Marcos Smith, Cambodia




RE: Toto the Fourth


So Frank, did in turn out to be the woman you'd hoped her to be, after all these years of separation, and now both of you single again? And what became of it all?

Nice story. I very much enjoyed the writing.


Steve Haag



And they lived happily ever after - natch.






One of the basic and great themes of the universe: separation, loss, hope and hopelessness about ever coming together again, and then finally return, with all the joys and relief and compensation for all the suffering of being separated.


Yours is a nice example.