funny flavored tongues


by Jaison Christopher Hungerford



Tiptoed, into a world

of different tongues


tiptoed, from a toddler

into colored accents


funny flavored tongues

that range in volume


mountain eloquence

of varied elevation


some speak of eternity,

with brevity


while others spill fountains,

and say nothing.



So much have I,

of vaulted verbal treasure


where do I begin,

to unlock the seal


what language do I form,

before I spit the clay


to shout or whisper low;

my conundrum


natural paper tongue,

Iím barely ever, heard


How do I earn, where

so many speak at once

the right to speak


and though I yearn,

I fail at once


So I fail, and become quiet

like a foreigner


where I should have

become, perceptive


and a resident.



Am I wanted, will

you take my hand


will you welcome

me, to your world


remind me of who I am


remind me of

my birthright


explain, my voice

needs training


that raw talent will not do

will not lead me home?



Say it baby

Say It well


The language

needs to be learned


needs to be honed

needs to be stripped down


to the bone,

and reformulated


Needs to be correlated, corrugated,

and reassembled, till its covered

with fingerprints


and that takes time,

my love



It is a deep land

of many symbols


many markers,

many, many, many words


strange birds, bluebirds

blackbirds, backwards, black words

catbirds, and forward again


buzzwords and buzzards and onwards and forewords

forwards and downwards and headwords and goatherds

loanwords and homewards and lanyards and leopards

lizards and wizards, watchwords and vineyards

Spaniards and shepherds, shorebirds and more words.


But first, you must

learn to breathe


Acquire the essence

then, acquire the words


To acquire the universe,

acquire simplicity


the shortest way

to a sweet voice


Acquire the notes

and you acquire


the mastery of time

projecting notes forever


Clear Harmonic Power

Capable of reaching stars


and ears

over the sound of wind


catch first your heart,

and its fingerprint


then, when time permits,

sing along


by this, you will learn to sing

to jabber a stringed instrument


Jabbing heart strings

that prick the conscience


plucking joy-tears,

from the dainty minds of your followers


Till the message is

crystal clear


Or, till someone is weeping.

© 2004 Jaison Christopher Hungerford


This is Jaisonís first published work.

[email protected]