���������� The Return of the Magi


������ This town is one we've seen before:

������ These crooked lanes, that stable door,

������ Although it must have been a dream,

������ For never were we here before.


������ And that quick dog, scared and lean,

������ Crossing the square scarcely seen

������ And the dark-haired girl leaning out

������ The hostel window familiar seem.


������ The sky was lit by the evening star

������ As now, but brighter then by far;

������ Above us shuddered angels' wings

������ And we had journeyed far, so far.







The Midnight Air



The midnight air was a crystal vise

Crushing a billion bits of ice -

One stood out grand and glaring.

Mary, a virgin in her bearing,

Joseph trying to make the best

Of expectations. You know the rest:


Denied the use of house and table,

The birth took place in a humble stable.

Shepherds, black and yellow kings,

The sky a feast of angels' wings.

Thirty years later came the dove,

Ushering in the age of love.



Frank Thomas Smith