The Initiation

We stood in a circle listening
To the creaking of the boards,
We dared not say a word out loud
For fear of offending the lords.

Three hours full in the circle we stood,
Forbidden to move or speak;
Silence was wrapped in a silken shawl,
Except that the boards did squeak.

The hooded lords then passed among us
And gave us all our rings,
The silken shawl was flung away
And fluttered angels' wings.

* * * * *




I couldn't decide which the walls were,
Inside pressing out
Or outside pressing in;

Looking out I saw them,
And looking in I saw them.
The Walls were ubiquitous,

They stood around my cell,
They surrounded my hunting heart.
My lover had called me,

And I came to him so gladly
where they told me he'd surely be.
Yes he was there, but darkly,

The walls around him too.
I broke into the light seeking
My love, but lightly.

And he is here outside the cell,
Beyond the walls and silent prayers
And my heart is light and full

For now I am free
As he would have me be.

© 2000 Tomasina Frankel

Tomasina Frankel was formerly a nun. She prefers not to give biographical information.

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