Letters to the Editor


Dear Mr. Smith, I liked the book "La Lomita Mágica". It was very fun. I liked it a lot. My father read it to me. It was sort of scary, but I liked it. Have you written more books for children? I really, really liked that book. My brother and I play Maxa all the time. My brother likes the giant abyss. My favorite part of the book was when the owl came out and guided them. My name is Isaac and I'm 6 1/2 years old. I live in Costa Rica. That was my favorite book.

Isaac Arauz


The English version of "La Lomita Mágica" (The Magic Mound) is available as a free ebook at http://southerncrossreview.org/Ebooks/ebmound2.htm. [Ed.]




You can be liked by everyone, or loudly play your Bach....see:



2. I’m glad you printed the Chomsky interview in your last SCR....amazing how most people need the sadly out of fashion Chomsky to learn/realize the obvious!


3. re yr op-ed, pity about your photo, you should get independent expert advice before displaying yourself to the world at large !!! ...(remember Nixon?)...but you wrote a good piece.


Adil, Buenos Aires


Photo changed. [Ed.]




Friedjung's remarks on Anthroposophy need some answers. The basic fact is that Anthroposophy, as anything else inside the "Weltanschauung Market" can be grasped in different ways. So the dangers of transforming it in a simple system of "fundie beliefs" are real and this is part of the Mystery of Freedom whose features so many are ready to forget.

Nevertheless Steiner and hundreds of gifted followers(few random names: Bock, Unger, Stein, Wegman, Zeylmans, Scaligero, Ben Aharon, Barfield, Mayer, Kuhlewind, Joseph) have explained a lot about the right path inside Spiritual Scientific insights, namely the one beginning with the epistemological work linked with inner development, as basically depicted on the Five Basic Exercises, till the doors of the Higher Knowledge, whose crossing is a typical personal karmic matter. If this is the path, the actual capacity to maintain the right direction is a very personal issue, basically one for each anthroposophist in the world.

In spite of this it seems that so many people have a problem to manage Steiner's "statements" as if they were something to be "believed" rather than something to be worked on. When I find something puzzling - at least for a mainstream science oriented standpoint- I "sit and wait", just trying to "nurture the thread" in the way Spiritual Scientific development indicates - till "the answer comes". And it often works.

And I have noticed that it works also for many other anthro-mates, obviously for different topics, and this fact is able to recall the "gifts from Above" quoted in the "Acts of the Apostles" and Paul's letters.


Andrea Franco,



RE: A Single Shot


I totally believe in Bush's war on terrorism. We have to change the ruling class of the Middle East-Democracy. It takes Stones to commit to this policy. I don't like anything else about Bush however or his domestic policies. I was going to hold my nose and vote for Kerry until I saw how he continuously gutted the military through his votes. The same game he did after he returned home from Vietnam.


I do appreciate your great pretty nudes and other creative items. Great work.
Jack Marinchek


My husband asked me to read your editorial regarding its objectivity. I've read it, and do not consider it objective. An objective editorial is by definition an oxymoron isn't it? You refer to the President as Bush and Co. While not necessarily pejorative, in this context it seems to be. You also bring Iran into your writing connoting supposed intent to make Iran Iraq Two. The Sunnis themselves are responsible for the voter turnout with regard to Sunnis holding elected positions. In the United States an assumption is that both parties tend to be siloed with presidential elections. How could a country whose first vote in the past several decades be other than voting for their particular factions?  

I like your poem.      


Gwen McCann


Frank! Did you know that Dr. King was killed one year to the day of the speech you offer in SCR? I believe it was for this speech he was killed. I believe the powers that be felt him to be a threat to the goings on in Vietnam. Funny thing too that the three brothers: Dr. King, John and Robert Kennedy were killed during this frightful period. I never really thought about the connection with the other two boys, John and Robert, but now when thinking on it I believe there was much more underlining than the racist issues we usually hold to be the reason.


I find the symbols to much to push away when looking at the dates of the speech and death. I recall reading that speech one day when looking up something and it

occurred to me right away he was killed for this and not the racist issues being promulgated during that time period. I remember looking to see when he was killed and was shocked to realize it was on the same day one year later. BAM! just like that the thought came resounding through: it is for this he was killed and this is the sign for those who know to look.

What do you think of that?



Dottie Zold



High-Minded Machines
Consistent with the general deterioration of the environment for online exchange, NetFuture is increasingly waylaid by spam blockers.  For example, some readers did not receive the last issue because (so the spam blocker blushingly informed me) the word "orgy" was used.  A little surprised by the accusation of indecency on my part, I went to check, and it turned out I had referred to an "orgy of self-congratulation and utopian prediction" within the Human Genome Project.  As I was reflecting upon my transgression and the spam blocker's display of programmed pure-mindedness, it suddenly struck me:  Ray Kurzweil was right after all!  We are entering an age of spiritual machines.  It's just that he forgot to  tell us they would be dumb as hell.

Steve Talbott


I am one who did not the last issue of NetFuture – JoAnn forwarded it to me. In fact, I don’t even receive copies of notices I send to subscribers on my own list. Steve is right, but I’ll go a step farther. The spiritual machines aren’t only dumb as hell, they’re fucking morons – and I include my local server in the same category.



Ould Smith he keeps his hand in

As he scans the daily scroll

For he reads for sense and substance

And he's often rather droll


But he's made a terrible blunder

But that, friends, ain't the worst

Twas gold amid the chatter

And the Papist got there first