Letters to the Editor

Dear Frank,
I just looked at SCR and your article re Intelligent Design, ending with 'it ainít necessarily so', loverly, and brings back memories. Ever since I heard this line first I associated it with Waldorf School upper classes the way I had the good luck to experience. That was in a way the subtext of how our teachers used the official schoolbooks. And a useful attitude later at University and all through life - a kind of researcher's attitude between blind faith and blind skepticism.

Magdalena Zoeppritz,

Grand issue. New to me, your review, so me and a friend are scratching our heads still. Henry Kissinger in real-time? Next to Cindy Sheehan? The point's not that: the W. H. Auden poem, September 1, 1939 would have worked nicely in an issue about Marie Magdalene with another poem that starts on a barstool. I just discovered a poet I enjoy mucho, Anthony Hecht. The bar-based poem I refer to is "The Man Who Married Magdelene." It's probably too late to make the thematic connection. Too bad.

Ross J. Peterson

Hi Frank, I am just reading your Frequent Flyer from the beginning. Very good, I like it. Thanks. What has happened to chapter 5 & 7? Do they exist?

Art Ross

(blush) Chapters 5 & 7 were inadvertently omitted from the archives. They now exist. [Ed.]