Greetings from Texas!


I have just seen you Southern Cross Review for the first time and was quite impressed by its accessibility and depth. Bravo! I was referred to you by Marisol Pantin in Venezuela. 

I am looking for a curriculum source where I can refer homeschoolers who speak Spanish as their first language. I realize that homeschooling is not legal in much of Latin America, but here there is a large and fast-growing group of homeschoolers here in the States and Canada. 

I have come across many who speak Spanish as their first language and they, as teachers, would find it so much easier to internalize deeper concepts within the curriculum if they had their guides in their own language. 

Would you happen to know of someone who sells Waldorf teaching guides or full curriculum in Spanish? It would need to be someone who would be open to selling to homeschoolers.


Warmest regards and with much appreciation for your ongoing work,


Lucie Smoker

Wonder Ranch Homeschool



I wasn’t able to help. If there’s a reader out there who can, please contact Lucie directly. [Ed.]


Merry Christmas to you and your fine family!


I hope all is well with you. I think back so fondly on the time I spent with you a year ago. Since then I have traveled to Ecuador, Nicaragua and India. Most exciting of all, I have been back in the classroom, my sabbatical over but my energy and enthusiasm for teaching renewed.

And I very much enjoy the Southern Cross Review. You are doing such fine work with it, including the short stories you so generously share.

I would very much enjoy hearing how things are going with you and with the school.


Best regards,

Karl Fredrickson

Green Meadow Waldorf School

New York



Gorgeous Chirstmas Issue, Joann


I do want to make that my home page and am trying to figure out how.



Lynn Strongin

poet, Canada


Dear JoAnn and Frank,

Thank you for Southern Cross Review and all the work you are doing and wish you a lovely time now and all good things in the coming year.




In response to Southern Cross Review's recent release (celebrating Harold Pinter in their Christmas SEdition), I quote Tom Wolfe's recent observation about persons like Noam Chomsky and Harold Pinter:


"...[there is a] difference between an intellectual and a person of intellectual achievement. An intellectual is a person knowledgeable in one field who speaks out only in others...(and) as Marshall McLuhan once put it, "Moral indignation is a standard strategy for endowing the idiot with dignity."


Hence exhibit A: Harold Pinter, Idiot Savant.

I am moved to wonder by the SCR/Christmas Sedition. It leads me to ask --

At what point did the hard Left so commandeer Anthroposophy since 1987 to the degree that they have breached the point that their sympathies in its name have become so thoroughly unhinged and divorced from moral reality? That point was reached when they began to feel confident enough to start celebrating Holocaust deniers (Chomsky) and raging wackos like Harold Pinter. In my opinion to feel that persons like a Chomsky or a Harold Pinter are heroes -- as the Fifth Columnists in Anthroposophy do -- is a contravention of some deeper law of moral truthfulness.

Here is a selection from idiot Savant Harold Pinter:

I believe his [Milosevic's] arrest and detention by the international criminal tribunal is unconstitutional, and goes against Yugoslav and international law. They have no right to try him.

-- Pinter on the arrest of Slobodan Milošević.

Quoted in The Guardian, July 26, 2001.




The U.S. is really beyond reason now…There is only one comparison: Nazi Germany.

-- Speech at the National Theatre in London. June 10, 2003.



[In Cuba] there has not been a single case of disappearance, torture or extra-judicial execution since 1959…

-- Appeal signed by Pinter in The Guardian, March 26, 2005.


Only those who are morally ill in their souls can assert such untruths knowingly. And those that support men like Pinter who say such things come near themselves to partaking of the same moral illness.





The writer of the above denied permission to reprint his rant. But as it’s anonymous and is about Southern Cross Review, I decided to do so against his/her wishes – without apologies. [Ed.]