Dear Friends and Subscribers,

This subscribers list is only used to advise you when a new issue of Southern Cross Review is on the web and ready to be read (no pun intended). This is an exception because the next issue is not ready and we are two days away from elections in the United States and I want to urge you to get off your asses (you U.S. citizens) and go vote. And I want to urge you to vote for Democratic Party candidates, be they for governor, Senate or House of Representatives. And I want to urge you to do so even if you don’t like the Democratic candidates. If you’re a Republican and can’t stand the Democrats, that’s okay, it’s understandable, but if you’re also fed up with the gang in power – just stay home! Your non-vote is almost as good as a vote for the opposition.

And those of you who don’t like political parties ‘period’, please remember that you’re voting in opposition to what is happening to the country and the world at the hands of this administration. In any case, the opposition MUST take control of the congress. Just think of the consequences if it doesn’t happen. Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rove & Co. will understand it as approval of their actions - more “political capital”. It will mean decades in Iraq, possibly war with Iran, further denigration of human rights at home and abroad and the furtherance of the neocon (reactionary) ideal of an imperial presidency.

The United States of America was once considered a model and an ideal for the world. Now it is despised, even hated by enemies and friends alike. Where does the guilt lie? With the group which has taken over the government of course, but also with the United States citizens who made it possible by voting for them. That was then, now is now, and an opposition Congress, knowing that it exists because of the citizenry’s disgust with the present administration, will be obliged to turn things around. (If the majority is big enough it could even result in impeachment, although that is probably a false hope.) Even the Republican Party could benefit by taking advantage of its losses to purge the party of its fanatics and getting back in the game.

The United States democratic system allows us to make very big mistakes; but it also allows us to correct them. So on Tuesday skip lunch or the movies or your personal trainer session and show the rest of the world that although the people of United States of America can be fooled some of the time, they cannot be fooled all of the time.

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Frank Thomas Smith