Letters to the Editor




Re: Multicolored Goddess in Anthroposophical Heaven

My husband is an enthusiastic fan of the Roberto Fox detective series that your magazine publishes. However both his doctor and I agree that the steamy South American settings with voluptuous women and adjoining rooms at fancy hotels is a bit much for his constitution. Lately he has been using words like federales and pistoliers and we have become quiet worried as he has developed a tremendous appetite for Asado and Mate. Before you began publishing these intrepid stories he was quite fond of Raymond Chandler and we had bought him a plastic colt 45 and a London Fog raincoat. That seemed to satisfy him. Now he insists that we purchase a FBI issue chrome plated .357 magnum and plane tickets to Buenos Aries. One way!            
We are not proposing that you stop publishing these rancid stories, after all we are not Republicans, but would you please issue a forewarning advising readers when you are about to issue another one of these inflammatory tales.


Thanking you in advance,


Jackie S. Ingles, Mrs.

Dear Mrs. Ingles,

Roberto Fox in in the U.S. at the moment on personal business and he e-mailed me that he has an interesting story to tell upon his return. I forwarded your e-mail to him and, as I despise censurship, I suggested that he tone the next one down a little, keeping in mind the sensibilities of some of our readers. However, my dear Ms. Ingles, I doubt that is the real problem. It seems to me that your husband (who has also written to us in the past) craves excitement and adventure (things you can't seem to give him), and he (or you?) can't stand seeing someone else living the life he would like to lead. If he comes here with a one-way ticket, I suggest he take tango lessons first and forget about "federales" - they're in Mexico! Editor



Re: Impeachment Proceedings

Excellent, Frank. I'm very pleased that you're including Cindy Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq and has been a courageous gadfly for the Bush administration ever since, being arrested and travelling around the US and to Guantanamo too, struggling to put an end to all the madness.

I was also struck by the poem "The Unknown Citizen" by W. H. Auden.