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Re: Home page


I came across your publication a year or so ago by accident while researching Rudolf Steiner (he's a peripheral character in two of my novels)... was initially interested when I realized you're an expat publishing from Argentina where my youngest daughter was studying at the time... and I've stayed because of all the great stuff you publish month after month.


I guess I'm just writing to congratulate you for all the excellent work. Keep it up... three cheers... or whatever one says.


By the way I agree with your current editorial of course, but as a veteran of the free speech/civil rights/anti-war movements in the '60s and '70s I must say I'm somewhat more hopeful about the current state of the resistance movement in the US than you seem to be.


I'm sure you've noticed that the media have virtually stopped reporting the actual numbers of people attending mass demonstrations. But having been to several I'm stunned and amazed by the size of the US peace movement over recent years. I remember how it was in the "good old days" and can tell you we never had mass gatherings with the hundreds of thousands of people that have been showing up nationwide of late.


Not that demos alone will change things. Change does seem to come glacially slowly here... well, with the exception of events such as the putsch which illegally pushed Bush into power in the first place... but it's quite clear to me that folks are waking up.


In certain ways things look more grim than ever both here and worldwide... but in other ways they look more hopeful too. I guess that dualism suits the Manichean in me... or the Hegelian... it's so unfashionable to say "Marxist" these days  ;-)


Anyway... I hope you maintain the energy to keep up the excellent work you've been doing. Thanks again for doing it.


Best regards,

Richard Jaccoma


Dear Editor,

I enjoyed your editorial this month - as an American in Europe, I can very much appreciate how that hammered so many of your beliefs home. I also thought your point on how we hear "troops" ad nauseum while shying away from "soldiers" [was appropriate].  That's a fascinating example of how the administration's goal is not only to control policy without regard for the now overwhelming majority of Americans' opinions, but also to control the discourse and the words we can use in the debate (troop surge v escalation, the taboo on using the words "civil war").

Joshua Walker



Re: Scantily Clad Women

From the offices of F.D. Freddie Fotomucker

President & Director of Promotional Stuff

1133 Rightcenter St.

Los Angeles, Ca. 62190



Greetings Mr. Smith,


May I call you Frank? Our company has been watching, with interest, the regular lineup of scantly clad women pictured in your magazine, “The South Pass Review.” While we, as a company, hold no political persuasion, I would like you to know that I voted for Jerry Brown once and my sister once dated a Catholic from Venezuela. So I believe you will understand that we are a very progressive company with little, if any, overt prejudices.


Our company wants to be in business with you. We are the world’s second largest exporter of Photo-Top Calendars to central Asia, southern Africa and Camden, N.J. We propose developing a South Pass Review Calendar featuring the models from your magazine. Providing, of course, that you hold all rights to the photographs, and that you accept, in terms of remuneration, a share of ¼ of 1% of net profits, after taxes, service fees, distribution fees and postage cost. You should make a tidy sum if, as expected, your calendar becomes our biggest seller.


You will have total control of the photos selected. We would suggest only that you limit the number of Black Women, Hispanic Women and Asian Women to no more than two and no less than 0. Our clients prefer classically proportioned European Women or big busted American Women. Our enhancers can magically increase busts sizes with just a click of a mouse, so please do not hesitate to send us photos of flat-chested women as we can make the modifications in the lab. We prefer TFN or Total Frontal Nudity, but are willing to compromise.


We look forward to hearing from you soon and look forward to seeing the photos of the naked women you have selected for 2008.




Freddie F.


Disclaimer. Chump, Sucker, or Mark herby waves any and all rights to any and all profits. In the event that any money, whatsoever, is made from the use of photos, copies or photocopies the dupe, after which, under the terms of this contract, is known as the gullible, will receive no monies whatsoever. The Mark or gullible as now known is responsible for all expenses related to the distribution of any and all products that he or she has been coned into help produce. This contract is void in Alaska and Norway.                     


Freddy F.,

Please be advised that our cover photos are paintings by great artists and are reproduced on our covers – and elsewhere (sometimes) – in the interest of enhancing the cultural appreciation of our readers. They are not calendar gimmicks. Frankly, I consider your offer insulting to our values and reputation. Especially when you speak of ¼ of 1 % as our share of profits. Looking at a 60-40 deal (60% for us) I might be persuaded to reconsider.

Yours truly,

Frank S. (Editor-in-Need)


Re: The Battle of Kabul

Hi Frank,


Glad to see the piece on The Battle of Kabul and the Retreat to Gandamak. I was a bit surprised to see no mention of Harry Flashman, however. Folks looking for more detail and a complementary perspective should check out Flashman's memoirs covering the First Anglo-Afghan War, as edited by George MacDonald Fraser, eponymously entitled "Flashman."

Of course, even the ignominious events of that war have not kept the Brits safe at home this time through. Plus ça change...


As ever,

JoAnn Schwartz (Associate Editor)


"Life's short and we never have enough time for the hearts of those who travel the way with us. O, be swift to love! Make haste to be kind." --Henri-Frederic Amiel

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