Letters to the Editor

Re: Refuting Darwin

Dear Frank,

I read your Darwin article with interest - keep chipping away! (Wasn't there an old 60's popsong about a stubborn goat - ram to rhyme - and a dam, ending: "Oops there goes a billion kilowatt dam")


However, I realised as I read it that you may not know the amazing tale of the Peppered moth and it could be the basis for an article in SCR sometime. I assume you are aware of the Nature Institute. In case not I am sending you the URLs. I am not techno-savvy enough to get the links on to this page so have sent you 2 more emails with a link on each one - one to the peppered moth article the other to the Nature Institute. The peppered moth article should blow you away!


Thank you so much for your brilliant e-magazine/review,

Graham Kennish

(Steiner/Waldorf science teacher and teacher trainer)


The two urls Graham sent are:




After receiving his mail, a few days after my “Refuting Darwin” article appeared, I appended the peppered moth url to the article. And the Nature Institute is an old friend, so much so that we regularly republish Steve Talbott’s articles. See Steve’s article in this issue.  [Ed.]

Re: Anthroposophical Guidelines

Dear Frank,

Thank you for your translations of Steiner's Leading Thoughts and even the new name [Anthroposophical Guidelines] which I like. I have been following them but not copying them. I now have been copying them into a single file but cannot located four of them from the archives. I wonder if you could post these four again on the list for me and perhaps others who would want to copy them and have not. Thanks once again, and I really have appreciated your contributions over the years and on the many lists and articles I have come across.

Best wishes,
Dermond Murray


These “Anthroposophical Guidelines” are also being sent daily to a discussion list of which Dermond is a member. He is referring to the archives of that list. [Ed.]