The SouthernCross Review e-Book Library

The SouthernCross Review is expanding into e-book publishing. This is a process, so our library is still small, but growing.

E-books have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that you can get books that otherwise might not have been available at all. Or, if they were, you might not have known of their existence. All books published by SCR are also recommended by us - as opposed to many e-publishers who literally accept anything. Another indisputable advantage is price. A book that might cost $20 - $30 in print will only cost between 2 and 4 dollars as an e-book.

The disadvantages are that you either have to read a whole book on the screen (not recommended except for geeks) or print it out. This isn't the same as having a nicely bound "real" book in your hands when you sit before the fireplace. Well, if you have a fireplace, you can also read an e-book there and be just as warm. Moreover, there are programs available which make reading and printing considerably easier. The best is Adobe Acrobat Reader, which we are using and which you must have to read and/or print the books. This program is free from the web and is well worth the few minutes required to download. If you don't already have it, Click: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Effective September the first books available in our library, according to category:


Social Science/Education

"Favela Children - A Brazilian Diary"
by Ute Craemer. 181 pages, price: $3.00.

"Basic Issues of the Social Question"
by Rudolf Steiner. 81 pages, price: $3.00

"Civil Disobedience" (classic)
by Henry David Thoreau. 28 pages. Price $2.00.



"Putting Soul into Science"
by Michael Friedjung. 87 pages, price $3.00.



"The Sorrows of the Young Werther" (classic)
by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. 75 pages, price $3.00.

"The Girl in the Floppy Hat and other Stories"
by Frank Thomas Smith. 53 pages, price: $2.00.

"Knock on Wood and other Stories"
by Frank Thomas Smith 51 pages, price $2.00.

Note: A discount of 20% will apply for the purchase of all seven books.