Letters to the Editor


Re: The Gnostic Jung



The latest SCR was informative and interesting. I've always had difficulty making connections between Steiner's indications regarding earth evolution and what I studied as an undergraduate in historical geology courses. John Davy's article Epochs of Evolution seemed to bridge some of that gap.
I got a kick out of your publishing Kim Test's letter that was critical of some of the points you made in your review of "The Gnostic Jung". Your publishing of it speaks well of SCR in terms of general fairness to opposing view points. Kim suggests you do more research before "perpetuating insulting stereotypes". I suppose that advice could well be given to anyone of us...we all tend to be quite selective in the presentation of facts given in support of our antipathies, eh?
It seems to me that antipathies or feeling of contrariety are far more apt to be predicated on one's actual life experience rather than anything that one has read. Maybe we're more adept at "perpetuating insulting stereotypes" (or even various forms of positive propaganda) as the result of reading, but the original "juice" for it most certainly lies in actual life experience.
Like Kim, I'm inclined to disagree with your overall portrayal of the Catholic Church :). You have your consistent view and I can't imagine that any amount of reading/research is going to change that...And there is, I think, a certain authenticity to those sentiments. I believe that authenticity has nothing to do with an ingrained/acquired ideological view as the result of selective self-education. I have Kim's point about the Church being essentially the people that comprise it in mind here. Simply put Frank, I'm a practicing Catholic because I'm connected to people who are part of that community...the theology, hierarchy, history and outward trappings are wholly secondary to that.
You've had your experiences with that community that are different than mine...I try to keep that in mind when I read what you have to say about the Church.
I appreciate your efforts with regard to translating the Guidelines. I read and try to understand...the operative word here is "try".


New York


Dear Editors,

After reading this from Kim Test about the The Gnostic Jung, �The Irish are a distinct and filthy race. People used to accept these stereotypes as incontestable facts.�

I am appalled that you would disallow the facts that the Irish must be a distinct and filthy race, as my wife of 38 years, Ms. Jackie McGowan is, if not filthy, at a bare minimum has a mightily smutty mouth, and if not distinct, then surely a martial race that probably is nearer to a primate mentality than any other anthropoid now cowering the flat Earth.

I abhor simplistic anachronisms, but if the science of 38 years of my life�s study constitutes any pathological meanings, it is this- when my wife tells me to go to hell, I look forward to the trip.�


M.E. Ingles


Re: Farsi Summer

Good descriptions and imagery! Enjoyable story.
Love, peace & happiness.


Gregory Matthews