Letters to the Editor

Re: Even the Angels Wept

Hello Frank,

This is Noam from Israel, a reader and the editor of AdamOlam Magazine.

I very much enjoyed reading your editorial about Obama in the latest newsletter. Israel too was very much for him, at least in some parts. I wrote a short piece about it in http://thenetworkm.net/core/ "theNetworkM" :

I am now working on the winter edition of the magazine, and was looking for something interesting I could publish about his election. Especially I was looking for a personal testimony. Receiving the newsletter came to me just in time.

Can I translate the article and publish it? I will obviously give the credit to Southern Cross Review and can also drop in some words about the Southern Cross Review in general so people can subscribe.

Best regards,



Noam’s article has been reprinted in this issue: Elections in the U.S. from an Israeli Point of View

And “Even the Angels Wept” has been translated into Hebrew and printed in theNetworkM. (Ed.]


Dear Frank, once again my mouth is agape as I read these anecdotes about your life in the Big Apple. It truly is an American experience that you place in context for us to enjoy and to learn from. I am a born and breed Ohioan. My father moved our family from the Appalachian hills of Southern Ohio to the metropolis of Columbus, Ohio. At the age of 17 I saw a black man for the first time. My father had counseled me about the black race and so I knew to not look them in the eye, or to loan them anything or to leave one of our ladies alone in their presence.

In college I roomed with a guy by the name of Jacob Johnston. Jacob was white and from Cleveland, Ohio. His girlfriend was black or what my father would have called, hi-yella, she was of mixed race. She was petite, she was beautiful and I fell in love with her. I didn't trust her though and I never loaned her a damned thing. And just like my father predicted she showed her lack of character when she left Jacob, hat in hand, for a black guy from Buffalo. My father’s voice ran through my blood.

40 years later my niece, who has a PhD in Sociology, and who was a Hilary supporter, said that me and my generation suffered from "Race Guilt," and that we should not let race enter our thinking when it comes to such important decisions as the Presidency of the United States of America.

Being a long-haired liberal, I told her that race had nothing to do with my vote! That I voted for Obama because you can't look a woman in the eye and you can't trust them and we should never leave one of our men alone in their presence.

I have come a long way from Southern Ohio, about 100 miles.




Re:The Short Guy

Dear Frank

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Great pic! Admire your efficiency as ever in bringing out the review!  You will be pleased/confused/amused/outraged to hear that your site is blocked in Dubai where my husband was a few weeks ago, presumably because of the word 'Cross'... hmm...don't you just love those buzz word censors!!  Again thank you for taking my story!

All best wishes

Helen Wing
Hong Kong

Re: Love in the Time of Spies


Great story, but… What do you have against officers? I was an officer in the U.S. Army and I can tell you that we are human too. We eat, sleep, make love and exercise responsibility. If everyone thought like you there would be no discipline and chaos would ensue. You must be one of those people who are very undisciplined themselves, which is maybe why you weren’t officer material.


William S.


Right! [Ed.]


Re: My Mother Annie

Dear Gabriel Bradford Millar,

Very funny and a joy to read. I did not know your mother, but it is refreshing to know that a pretty fair egg can come from a distorted nest.