Letters to the Editor


Re: Who says: "You Can't Go Home Again"


Did you go back to what's left of Erasmus Hall High?  Like you, I'm a Brooklyn ex-pat, but deep down it's still home to me, though I usually spend my visits in Manhattan, or "The City," as many call it now. 

Barbara Lefcowitz


Also my alma mater, Barbara – but I gave it a pass. [Ed.]


Re: The Tamil Tibers and the Tooth of Buddha

A friend who used to work in Sri Lanka sent me this for you. Sri Lanka Report. I gave him the link to scr article.

Marcos Smith



Re: SCR Number 1

Estimado Frank,


Felicitaciones y Felicidad en el décimo aniversario.

Haciendo honor a tan fructífero trabajo comencé con el primer número: "The Girl in the Floppy Hat" pasando por Poetry donde conocí a Edna St. Vincent Millay en "Renascence". Luego abrí SCR 67, me deleite con Walt Whitman, quise terminar con "Evermore - a romance" donde me conmovió encontrarme(minutos después) con Mireya. Es ella musa inspiradora? Coincidencia no es?

Muy buenos los cuentos de ficción.

Un abrazo grande para ti y María Teresa.


Silvia Martini

Buenos Aires


Re: Star Trek and Anthroposophy

Bravo Tarjei!!!

Kevin Dann


Re: SCR Nr.67

Frank, a very nice anniversary number! Congratulations to you for your tenacity to hold out for 10 years. Not many do it. And also bearing types like me for so long. I enjoyed seeing the first issue and the similarities. Romantic stories, eh? I hated to see Mireya die but good she returned.


Best greetings,

Gaither Stewart



Re: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Hi Frank,


I don't agree with your skepticism regarding John Perkins. Everything he says fits right in with what Noam Chomsky has been telling us for years, he's been extensively interviewed by Amy Goodman at least twice (an hour each time), and check out what this highly accredited reporter Greg Palast has to say:



Tarjei Straume



Hi Frank,

just curious to know why SCR bilingual did not work.

Beatriz Ledesma



Too few good translators willing to work pro bono. [Ed.]