Pork Beats Viagra

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
President of Argentina

Last issue we published an article about the need for vegetarianism. We always want to be fair, so here defending the other side is none other that the Madam President of Argentina.

From: La Nación, Jan. 28, 2010

Far from the controversies about the crisis in the Central Bank, President Cristina Kirchner took advantage of a speech to praise the virtues of pork and the positive effect it has on sex life, to the extent of considering it “more gratifying than Viagra”.

It was during the announcement of an agreement between the National Office of Commercial Agricultural Control (Oncca) and the Association of Pig Breeders, in which she reminded them of the reduction in price to the consumer of certain cuts of pork.

I just learned a fact of which I was unaware, and it's that eating pork improves sexual activity. It's much more gratifying to eat a barbecued piglet than take Viagra,” the President affirmed in her brief speech and added: “It's not a minor detail.”

Personal Experience. Defining herself as a “fan” of pork, clarifying however that she wasn't saying it to “get in good” with anyone or to make “publicity for anything”, the President then commented on something that happened during her recent visit to El Calafate, where the presidential family goes on weekends and vacations.

Kirchner [ex-President and spouse] will kill me when I get home to Olivos” [official presidential residence in Buenos Aires], Cristina Kirchner said, laughing, before relating: “Last weekend when we were in El Calafate, instead of baby lamb we ate a delicious piglet from the barbecue, in the open air. I didn't only eat the meat, but also the crunchy hide, like a cracker, something very delicious, impressive.”

And the weekend was great, so maybe it's true!” the Chief of State concluded to laughter from the audience.

Against the bad press. La President also defended pork from what she called “bad press”, in reference to presumed noxious effects to health. “The fat that pork produces is very similar to human fat and, therefore, it's less noxious that cow fat,” she affirmed.


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