Letters to the Editor

Re: Anthroposophy in Germany: Theosophical Worldview and Social Practice 1884-1945
by Helmut Zander, Review by Peter Staudenmaier

The song remains the same... If one has no confidence in the esoteric basis of Spiritual Science (Inner discipline, Living Thinking Path, Initiation Path) and in its inside-outside growth......well he can write not 1900 but 19000 pages and understand nothing at all of it, and also, obviously, of Steiner's path and life. If you talk of an esoteric matter, deeply rooted in the Spirit, by ordinary academic science only, you'll never grasp the core, and, worst of all, you will be led to write nonsense.
And that is the case too, having seen also who is the "Pygmalion" who presents to us the review of this useless work, a.k.a. the anti-Steiner "professional", Mr Staudenmaier..

Andrea Franco Jenne
Rome, Italy.

Re: Necessary Reforms in the Roman Catholic Church and the State of Israel

Sorry to say, but the author of this article is such a naive, scratch-the-surface writer, it is clearly idiotic to judge the problems being faced by the Catholic Church or the State of Israel solely on their religious identification. Mr. Frank T. Smith, make sure you do some research and critical study before daring to write about such topics. I would recommend you first start my trying to understand the roots of the so misquoted statement of “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,” I will give you a hint: study the ancient Judaic texts written before the existence of the Bible.
A message also goes to the “Southern Cross Review:” set a higher standard of criteria when selecting your articles.
Thank you,

RE: E-book Library
Dear Frank,
Many thanks for your kind help and, of course, for the great ezine and books! I watch over a 'low-budget' library serving persons with visual impairment which offers books by Rudolf Steiner and other anthroposophists on cassette, Braille, and, as we go forward, in digital form. I, along with our readers, listen to audio books or to text versions employing high-quality text-to-speech.

Warmest regards,
Kenneth R. Ingham, Ph.D.
Rudolf Steiner Library, Inc. -Serving Persons with a Print-Reading Handicap
14 Lorraine Circle
Waban, MA 02468

My work: www.amazability.com

Re: Cyd Charisse (1919-2008) - There will never be another like her

Miss Charisse was surely a marvel! As a youngster I was truly dazzled by a spread in Life magazine. As you wrote, it was not sexual, it was far more grand, took me to a whole other level of appreciation. And what a great dancer. I put her up there with other marvels as the late, great Lena Horne. My goodness, what more can one say? Thank you so much for these remembrances of the wondrous Cyd Charisse!

Hilmar Moore
Austin, Texas
Re: SouthernCrossReview.org

My complements to whoever chooses the image that always brings such pizazz and LIFE to the articles contained therein....
I'd love to see you come up with an IPAD APP. If you do, let me know...I'll bring her down and let my IPAD friends know it's there for their access, if they choose.
An avid reader and fan,

Daniel Reynolds

RE: Steiner lectures
Greetings Frank.
Thanks for putting out another issue of SCR. I see that one of the Steiner lectures is your translation. Have you done others? I’ve been having increasing difficulty with the translations of Steiner (see my blog post about it, and have been wishing there were more, and better, translations of his work.

Danny Smitherman