Letters to the Editor

Re: Unemployment is Here to Stay

Dear Frank,
I am so glad, guaranteed basic income has reached the Southern Cross. In my view, its the only thing that makes sense all around (coupled with VAT, to come up with the money). I would prefer unconditional to guaranteed, to avoid thinking of a guaranteed amount (it will need to float with what comes in), but it should be unconditional, any citizen/resident should get it.

Magdalena Zoepppritz,

Very fine article, Frank.
I am afraid that my conclusion to this human condition is that 40 years ago I began devoting my life to promoting anthroposophy as the only way to bring new thinking into the world. This thinking is not the dead thinking that most people use. I have been having a bit of success now by using facebook to find people who can understand the practical importance of love. The three web sites that I promote are: Steinerbooks.org; onlinehumanities.com and spiritualsciencebiblestudies.org. Please let me know how we may work together. I have loved what you are doing.
Andrew Flaxman

Re: The Other Me

Very nice story. I absolutely loved it. The idea of doubles or even better a single person manifesting himself in multiple spaces and times is fascinating...
Roberto Ariel Gómez

Nice story, Frank. "The Other Me." I enjoyed reading it!
Jennifer Simmons

Re: The Aghan War Goes on and on...

Pure brilliance .... Ann Jones doesn't pull any punches. If only her reports were being carried by the BBC or Fox News... That's what is needed - the unvarnished truth ... which ought to include the bit that Jones doesn't mention in this piece (except perhaps implied in her use of the word "fraudulent" - but it needs to be spelled out, again and again, until people recognise that it holds the key to this obscene waste of human life): the fact that the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (and subsequently Iraq) were based on the Big Lie - the lie of a Muslim/Arab 'attack' on America on 9/11. As the father of a young man who died in the Twin Towers and who now (the father) works with the NYCCAN campaign for an independent investigation into 9/11, focusing especially on the destruction by controlled demolition of WTC 7, says: "Anyone who still believes the official story is a moron". It's the "Emperor's New Clothes" truth that has the potential to rid the world of the curse of corporate militarism and dreams of empire. But there seem to be too many morons - or cowards - unable or unwilling to confront the evidence.
Paul Carline

Re: Arabic and Jewish Waldorf Schools in Israel

Yo Frank, Yo Sr. Jo!
Great new issue of SCR! Thanks for reminding me that I have been neglecting my diet of Steve Talbott. Also, I see you picked up on Waldorf in Israel. It seems you missed my posting to WC two months ago, where I quote from the same article. Mainly because I'm friends with Shepha Vainstein and in early May I attended a gathering at her ranch off Malibu Lake to go forward with the Arab-Israeli Waldorf movement there. I taught her daughter Sarah at HH 2003-2005. See this "Chewish Chournal" article on Shepha herself:
Just last week, we talked and since she is a psychotherapist by profession, she made the astute observation that Waldorf is proliferating in Israel now because when Steiner founded Waldorf in 1919, Germany was still deeply traumatized by WW I, just as the Arab-Israeli kids today are deeply traumatized by their situation. Shepha talked about the "relaxation response," which is what she applies to a client who is suffering PTSD, in order to counter the excess "fight/flight response." She believes that Steiner instinctively applied a "relaxation response" in the Waldorf curriculum, specifically through the activities of knitting, playing recorders, etc., all activities which enhance the "relaxation response." I opine that the proliferation is also due to the fact that Israelis are not hung up on the racist abstractions that plague the relatively more spoiled American society, which fosters entitlement and the WC crowd. When your very life depends on good racial profiling, as in El Al security, e.g., then you're not going to care a whit about whatever racist things Steiner said. As I said in my post to WC, the fructifying Jews INVENTED racism for Christ's sake, so it's no wonder that they'll deal with it now and heal it. Go Kosher Waldorf!!!
Tom Mellett
Los Angeles

Re: How to Manufacture the Notion of Synthetic Life

Dear Mr. Smith,

Just wanted to send a note of thanks - all of the articles in this edition seem very timely. But I wanted to send a special note of thanks to Steve Talbott for his exposé - I missed it over on netfuture, so it is good you all brought it to everyone's attention. Thanks for your devoted work ... we've been watching the SCR since the earliest days ... wonderful to see how everything is progressing!
Howard Pautz

Re: Pieta and other poems

Eric G. Muller's poems are for me streaming in the moment, capturing the essence of the art.
John Patrick Doyle