Letters to the Editor

Re: Southern Cross review Nr. 75

So if I understand you right, the nudes which you put on the cover of your Journal is a signal of your intention to drag Anthroposophia into the material world, a means to muddy the spiritual being, hence your pose as a literati type. No? If yes, it is too bad Frank, as what with your wide reading in anthroposophical literature you must be aware of the fact that we all do die, one day or another, we die, and must make an accounting for the actions of our lives. It is one thing if we act in ignorance, quite another if we have knowledge of how things stand but choose to act in a manner contrary to Reality.
Take care bro,
Jeff Baggeley

Hello Frank,
Excuse me for improvisedly approaching an unusual aspect of your internetic presence. I'm certainly [n]either a saint [n]or an anti-sexist, but the permanent opening face of your online carrier always chronically depicting a nude girl (sometimes with a tendency towards an infantile or pubertarian taste) seems to be in disharmony with the wide-angle civilisatory tone and inspiration of your cultural effort. We already live in a world where an old sacrosanct sex moral was washed away, freeing modern generations from most of the old stony family authority that earlier damaged young biographies for the rest of their lives. An author's imprint is surely always unavoidable in any creation, but this peculiar trace of an obvious individual self-conflict in an intimate sphere of your own life should not receive this kind of prominence for third persons world-wide, obviously under the apparent mask of something as a free unconventional-valiant and decorative graphic art crowning the very front page of your otherwise most interesting journalistic effort. You may want to consider any other kind of more universal and unbiased artistic expression.
Best greetings,

Re:The Sound of Five Fingers Pointing Leí tu cuento “The sound of Five Fingers Pointing”...y me encantó. Las imágenes son vívidas y me hicieron sentir como si hubiera estado allí. Vas progresando. También muy interesante el cuento de Ariel Gomez.
Un beso,
Elena Herbón
Buenos Aires

[Trans: I read your story “The Sound of Five Fingers Pointing” and loved it. The images are alive and they made me feel as though I were there. You're progressing. I also found Ariel Gómez's story very interesting.]

Ach ja, deshalb wollte ich Dir ja schreiben. Hat Dein Onkel tatsächlich das weltbekannte Teltow kennen gelernt oder ist das Deine Erfindung? Mensch, das muss etwas mehr an die Öffentlichkeit gebracht werden, denn Teltow wird sehr unterschätzt. Na, dann kann ich ja endlich stolz darauf sein, dass ich in diesem Nest gelandet bin :-((
Natalia Smith Neri
Teltow, Germany

[Trans: I wanted to ask you: Did your uncle really get to know the world famous Teltow or did you make that up? Man, it must be brought more into the public eye, for Teltow is very under-valued. Now I can finally be proud that I landed in this dump. :-(( ]

Short comment on your last story: Teltow is located southwest of Berlin.
Marcos Smith

Truly outstanding!
Ariel Gómez

Re: The Myth of Er

I notice that the author of the Wikepedia article on the Myth of Er completely misses the point Plato is making. It is not simply the notion that the good are rewarded in a heaven and the wicked punished in an underworld after death. In Book II of the Republic, Socrates points out that even the gods can fall for a clever charlatan who appears perfectly just while being unjust in his psyche. They would welcome the pious but phony "man of the people" and would reject and punish the truly just but falsely accused man. Thus in the Myth of Er, the gods send down from heaven the phonies and those who are moral out of conformity and habit back to earth to choose another life. Their true character is revealed when they choose the lives of tyrants which look attractive to them. What is missing in the people who choose their next life is what only the philosopher can give them: an appreciation of the intrinsic worth of wisdom, justice, courage and moderation. Not the show of these virtues but their habituation in the character of the person. No matter how life treats one or how successful or famous or powerful one becomes, one way or the other, these will always work to one's advantage. In the Myth of Er we are led to believe that philosophy will break the cycle of reward and punishment because these virtues will be their own reward.

Mary Lou Mayo

Re: Imperialism (Ebook)

Hi there!
In case you might want to know how many people might be reading this booklet, I'm planning to send it to at least 5-10 other people as soon as I get it from you.

Thanks for your efforts!

Re: Karmic Relations

I really enjoyed the karma lecture. I was interested in RS's views on that subject - and that lecture certainly found him in a good mood and eloquent - or perhaps it's just a good translation! I came away with the impression that the soul's existence could best be compared to the life of a song - handed down generation to generation - expressed by each singer in turn - the string not the beads.
Tucker Stilley