Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy and Waldorf Education

an objective analysis

by Heiner Ullrich

The author is a German academic and recognized authority on education. The reader will note a certain dryness in the otherwise most interesting presentation. That is, there are neither enthusiastic raves nor extravagant rejections. He has done his homework and gives what I consider a fair and objective portrait of the man Rudolf Steiner and his work. Ullrich is certainly not a “Steinerite” - a word he or his translator uses in the essay – and his work is obviously done peering through a academic microscope. The translator remains unnamed, by the way, which is a pity because he or she has done a praiseworthy job.

This essay was written in 1994. Therefore the figure in the table indicating the total number of Waldorf/Steiner schools in Germany and other parts of the world has tripled (approximately) since then.

Frank Thomas Smith


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