Letters to the Editor



Re: The Imposter Magi

Dear Frank,

The title of your opening story so captivated my attention that I stopped working on my next book and cleaning my office to read it.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I'm still laughing—what a marvelous gift for January 2nd - - and of course for January 5th.  I've already read it now 3 times!!! 

I'm sure I'm not the first to post a comments, but I hope we get to read others'.

Happy New Year to you and your family, 


Pam Fenner,

Hi from Michigan   --- LOVED the story!


Marylin Kraker at The eLib



Re: SouthernCrossReview Nr.80

Hello Frank Thomas Smith and JoAnn Schwarz,


Happy New Year 2012!


Your "Southern Cross Review" is really excellent!


I appreciate:


    the general open-mindedness,

    the free anthroposophical points of view,

    the very interesting articles on science and education for example,

    the sensuality of the nudes and beauty of the paintings on the front page

    and more generally all your publications!


Thank you!

Yours sincerely


Jean Brieussel




Re: SouthernnCrosReview Nr. 80.

Thank you so much for this New Year gift. I will read it thoroughly and enjoy so much wisdom and skillfulness


José Mejia



Re:  E-book Imperialism


Many thanks


And a BIG thank you for your ongoing publication of the First Class!!


Robert L. Johnston





Re: Esoteric Lessons - First Class

Hi Frank,


Thank you so very much for posting the Esoteric Lessons. Through Advent I read for the first time the original Esoteric Lessons and filled in many gaps in my knowledge. I am almost finished the 3rd series and will start on what you have published.


Blessings on 2012.




Kristina Kaine




Re: Esoteric Lessons - First Class

working since 1966 with the Class I know that all trials to deepen the souls work are pushed away by any public or not serious handling.

The internet is a public source where one can behave as one owns believe. All real esoteric work needs modesty. Make easy to read the esoteric lessons shows only the gesture of exhibitionism of the soul. It is a poor habit.


Thorwald Thiersch

Dornach, Switzerland



Dear Frank,

 I don’t doubt for one second your good intentions in publishing the lessons – but I would like to know why you consider it appropriate to do so, given the way in which Steiner himself wanted the lessons to be made only available to Anthroposophical Society members of several years experience and who were prepared to stand up for anthroposophy in the world.

 By publishing online, you are making the lessons available to all people, including the critics of Steiner and anthroposophy.  Why do you wish to do this?  I really would like to know your reasons for coming to this decision.

 Best wishes,

 Jeremy Smith


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