Letters to the Editor

RE: The Imposter Magi

Greetings from the Magi of Las Chacras Great story. Nico's got a great future. No doubt about it. Daniel Reynolds --- Wonderful story that I have shared with others - thank you! Lenore Dunn ---
This is such a wonderful story, Frank, beautifully rendered! Thanks very much.
And thanks for the editions of Southern Cross Review during the past years.
I particularly have enjoyed the lectures of Steiner's on the history of the Anthroposophical
movement although I appreciate all the pieces.
You publish a great review! By the way, my firm is called New Moon Enterprises,
and our motto is "Just because you can't see it/Doesn't mean it's not there."
Sending all blessings, Hilmar Moore, LMT ---
A very happy new year to you and thank you for lots of food for thought and occasional roars of laughter Magdalena Zoeppritz --- What a lovely story for a lovely night! Many thanks! I only read in English or BP…..Brazilian Portuguese! Happy New Year! Sonia Homrich --- I thoroughly enjoyed it!! The situation is funny and oh so true for many small towns like Las Chacras.
Thank you for the timely distribution.
Ulla Winter

RE: History of the Anthroposophical Movement Rudolph Steiner's lecture on Mme. Blavatsky is a bold, lasting monument to literary circumstantiality and philosophical obscurantism.
Specific examples of her accidental truth would have given much-needed substance to this piece.
Jack Trimpey

RE: Judith von Halle Dear Friends, The "impossible" argument must be seen as overconfident opinion. Science has long advised upon dematerialisation and an associated massive release of energy.
What it has not come near discovering, is a means of dematerialisation that is life enhancing. For any who have seen and spoken with Judith von Halle
we are dealing with enhanced life forces, intensely enhanced.
How the Society can say " Essential to anthroposophy is the scientific penetration of life built on the foundation of a spiritual worldview" yet not allow
the possibility of dematerialisation finding its way into the evolutionary developmental stream would seem to indicate they are neither sound scientists,
nor have a spiritual world view.
For those who allow Steiner's four stages of materialisation, Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth with an associated fall and allow Christ brought a healing,
returning impulse, we can approach Judith von Halle's Easter talk's focus - the death of Jesus was the birth of Christ(Love) into the Earth.
We do not doubt the dematerialisation(transsubstantiation), we do not doubt the unbounded love nor the idea of resolved Karma and associated liberation,
we speak of the earth becoming a star...we should not shut the door to such a future - all these things are concievable within the guidance of Anthroposophy,
percievable in the presence of this Lady and hopefully largely achievable for some future time.
Thank you for bringing this precious imagination to our attention. Mark McDougall

RE: Axolotl This article is captivating, thank you for posting it on the internet. I have forwarded it to my three grown sons who all love nature.
I am reading a book by Francisco Goldman and that is why I wanted to see what AXOLOTLS look like and to read Mr. Cortazar's story. It is a moving story.
Maria Armstrong