Letters to the Editor



RE: Esoteric Lessons for the First Class

Dear Frank,

Your journal issues are gems.  I especially appreciate your translation of the First Class lessons.  I seem to understand them much better in your versions.

With gratitude,

Susan Casement


I thank Frank for the First Class lessons he translated then published 1-9, all together. I am reading them for the first time. Wonderful information.

E Christopher Carolan

Las Vegas


Apparently the time is right for this information , and it is exciting to be on the cusp of such important knowledge. Thanks again Frank!

John Harris


RE: We are the Lucky Ones

Dear Frank! What a wonderful discovery. Thank you for translating it and sharing it - what an interesting karma you must have with Z - your own private message! The spirit in which this was written fills my heart with enthusiasm.

Adriana Koulias



Re: The Art of Fiction - Interview with Jorge Luis Borges

The Campbells are coming/ never trust a Campbell: he's got some Scots in him indeed! Wonderful interview!

Thanks, Helmut Reichardt



RE: Rick's American Cafe


Your tale reminds me of the many roads I didn't take. Sometimes I think I really missed out, and sometimes I think I had dodged some serious bullets, and even wish I had dodged some more.
Maybe some day I'll take the road to Argentina, visit you, and compare notes on this kind of thing. Why not?


Paul Perkal
Minneapolis, Minn. USA


RE:The little Plant

The following is a sample of the many emails I received in reply to my error and apology in thinking that I had written the above poem many years ago. [Ed.]

Dear Frank,
Thanks for letting us know about this misunderstanding. Sorry about that, it must be very embarrassing. Never mind, we all have such experiences now and then. I will change it (reluctantly) on my site.
Nesta Carsten

Dear Frank, your honesty, courage, & wisdom painted action & deed has become† a portrait of inspiration for me to create a portrait of myself, that is, if you don't mind if I copy your original action & deed.


Love & respect you my friend,

Don Drumm†† : )


Hello Frank,
that is very interesting that it happened to you also.  Over many years I sang with the children in my several Class Three's a song called "Inch by Inch".  I had sung it for so long in my own way with the children that I thought it was one of the songs I had made up, because I had also done a lot of my original songs as well.  Last year, after my retirement from Waldorf teaching, I was putting together an audio collection of all my original children's songs and had included "Inch by Inch" only to find out soon after that that it was an old Pete Seeger song, which I found up on Youtube - It's a great song, and I only wish I had actually wrote it... ha... Thanks for letting us know of you making something your own also.

Best wishes,
Dermond Murray


Dear Mr. Smith,


I remain confident of your sincere dedication and commitment to writing and understand how memories can be distorted. I just read Journey to the Stars-Tall Tales for Children and loved it.


Kathlyn Tilton


Dear Frank,

Interesting what sits in the etheric body! I am sure we all understand how this can happen so please donít beat yourself up. But, thank you for your up-front honesty. I, for one, appreciate it.


Vee Noble


Dear Frank,


What matters in the end is that the Little Flower is there for people to enjoy. What is of no consequence is who wrote it. It really belongs to those who enjoy it most, And to whoever so empathised with the feeling it generates, that he felt it was his.


Tony Chahine



†I am so grateful you "carried" the poem into this present time. It is a much loved verse that I share each year in spring with my little nursery children. My gratitude to both K.L. Brown and You.

†Marie Nordgren



Dear Frank,

Don't fret about it.† Our memory does play tricks and it could happen to me† as well... the older I get the more I remember things; trouble is sometimes I believe I have lived something that actually somebody has told me, and I could swear I was there!

Best regards,

Ulla Winter